The Green Girl's Tour DaVita Report

The Green Girl and Lexa rode 267 miles across the cornfields of Iowa over the course of three days and completed their second Tour DaVita.

This year's tour raised over $900,000 to benefit The Bridge of Life – DaVita Medical Missions.

The Bridge of Life is dedicated to improving kidney health and saving lives by bringing treatment, education, and hope to underserved communities around the world. Since its inception in 2006, the organization has conducted Medical Missions in Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa, India, Jamaica and the Philippines.

Tour DaVita sign at CID
Once again, the theme of the tour was 'The Spirit of the Ride'. We were asked to 'Create the Spirit of the Ride', 'Respect the Spirit of the Ride', and 'Remember the Spirit of the Ride'.

Tour Davita is a fully supported endurance event. DaVita partnered with an active travel company, Backroads to make the 'The Moving Village' come to life.

While we were out riding, the Backroads crew would tear down the campsite and transport everything to the new location. Upon our arrival each evening, our bags were waiting for us in our respective tents.

Sunrise over the Great Jones County Fair
FEMA trailers provided mobile shower facilities complete with hot water.

All the meals for the duration of the tour were catered.

Amenities such as a Village Store, a charging station, and laptops were thoughtfully provided at each campsite.

The Green Girl at the Tour DaVita - Day 1 Starting Line
Tour DaVita - Day 1 was 77 miles from Allison to Independence.

The headwinds were relentless and the flat cornfields offered little respite.

In true 'Spirit of the Ride' fashion, Lexa and I tried to offer some wind resistance by riding in front but unfortunately, we were told we were too short for drafting.

I guess paceline leader is not in our future.

Amish Crossing
One of the highlights on Day 1 was riding through the Amish community.

We saw Amish horse-drawn buggies and wagons.

We passed a large, white house with a number of buggies parked outside and many young boys and girls in the yard. Since it was Sunday, it was assumed that they had gathered to attend classes of faith.

Amish children
The girls had on simple black dresses with long sleeves. Many of them also had on white aprons.

The boys were dressed in long pants, shirts, and suspenders. A few boys had felt hats on their heads.

Official Tour DaVita Rain Survival Kit
At dinner, we were all given an official Tour DaVita Rain Survival Kit in the event of 'liquid sunshine' on Day 2.

Tour DaVita - Day 2 was 80 miles of rolling hills from Independence to Manchester.

Cedar Valley Waverly Dialysis helped us kick off Day 2 with a clinic visit.

Kapil, the Green Girl, and Nevil at Cedar Valley Waverly Dialysis
The facility teammates were very warm and welcoming. They had gone out of their way to come in on their off day to show their support for our Tour.

The Univeristy of Northern Iowa marching band provided entertainment in the packing lot of the facility.

The Green Girl and Lexa in a cornfield
A dialysis patient spoke and reminded us what Tour DaVita was all about.

Day 2 was significantly colder than Day 1 and the fierce headwinds continued.

We encountered some light rain mid-morning.

Backbone State Park
After miles and miles of dry cornfields, the lush foliage of Backbone State Park was the highlight of Day 2.

Lexa and I delighted in seeing the first glimpses of Autumn colors.

When we reached Independence, I went for a short, therapeutic run.

Aaron and Social Monkey
Tour DaVita - Day 3 was a 107.2 mile loop from Manchester around Montecello.

Day 3 was also the hilliest of the Tour days.

Lexa and I quickly discovered no matter how quickly I pedal downhill, everyone passes us - even riders who aren't pedaling!

The Green Girl and Lexa at the Tour DaVita 0- Day 3 Finish Line
Lexa and I rode further than we've ever ridden before and crossed the Finish Line of our second Tour DaVita.

I want to thank everyone who helped me raise money for The Bridge of Life.

I also want to give a very special thank you to my teammates at the CasITa. Your support means more to me than you will ever know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We ride so others can live...
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