The Green Girl's Runners United To Remember Run

The Green Girl and fellow Sole Runner, Krishna, joined runners across the world today to participate in a Runners United To Remember run.

The RunJunkEes helped organize this virtual event to honor the victims of yesterday's tragic events at the Boston Marathon and display an act of unity and solidarity among runners.

The Green Girl on her Runners United To Remember run
Participants were encouraged to wear a shirt from a race on the memorial run.

As Krishna and I ran along The Strand, the gusty winds whipped sand across our faces. I was grateful for the company.

Our words echoed those of runners all over the world as we struggled to understand the senseless acts.

Sunset from The Strand
It's heartbreaking. Why a marathon? It's the last place you'd expect an act of terrorism. Can you imagine after running 26.2 miles? They knew when the most runners would be finishing. The finish line is where family and friends wait for you. There are no words...

We run, not because we think it is doing us good, but because we enjoy it and cannot help ourselves. The more restricted our society and work become, the more necessary it will be to find some outlet for this craving for freedom. No one can say, 'You must not run faster than this, or jump higher than that.' The human spirit is indomitable.
Sir Roger Bannister

The Green Girl's Ragnar Packing List

The Green Girl is preparing for her second Ragnar Southern California relay.

The Green Girl's Ragnar Packing List

Three outfit changes ([stored in individual gallon zip bags in which the dirty clothing can be sealed] in North Face Recon backpack)

Safety (stored in a single gallon zip bag)

Nathan Intensity Race Vest

Other items (also in North Face Recon backpack)

Other hydration/food items (in small cooler)
  • Water
  • Chips
  • Meiji Gummy Choco
  • Avocado Roll Sushi


Hollywood Half Marathon 10k Race Report

The Green Girl and Benson Cheruiyot with Hollywood Half Marathon Race Director, Ken Nwadike
The Green Girl and her friend, Benson Cheruiyot, spent the Green Girl's pre-birthday weekend running the Hollywood Half Marathon.

The event benefited the Los Angeles Youth Network, an organization that reaches out to homeless youth.

We ran the inaugural race last year and Benson had finished second overall.

Hollywood Half Marathon Course Map

The course started near the intersection of Hollywood and Highland and ended at Hollywood and Vine.

Hollywood Half Marathon Elite Start
The morning air was comfortable - not too hot and not too cold.

I cheered Benson and our other friend, Philemon Terer, at the elite start and then headed to my corral to prepare for the wave start.

Many runners were dressed in fun costumes. There were many superheroes and even a Joe DiMaggio with a group of Marilyn Monroes.

Hollywood Half Marathon Starting Line
My strategy was to take it easy from the start because I was still congested from a two week old cold.

After crossing the Starting Line, I was immediately out of breath and sweating profusely.

I somehow managed to run the first mile in 11 minutes but coughing fits forced me to stop running. I was also frustrated that I had to keep blowing my nose.

Benson Cheruiyot at the Hollywood Half Marathon
The only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that my friend, Janey, was waiting for me at Mile 2 - if not for her, I would have followed the 5k turn around. I told myself I could manage a 10k.

Janey walked with me and kept me company the rest of the race. I even got winded walking the inclines.

At around Mile 3, we saw the elites go by. I was disappointed to see Benson and Philemon trailing Alene Reta.

Benson Cheruiyot, Philemon Terer, Everlyne Lagat, and Joseph Mutinda at the Hollywood Half Marathon
After I crossed the Finish Line, I met up with Benson. He'd finished in 3rd place, Philemon 2nd, and Alene had won. Their friend, Everlyne Lagat, had come in 1st for the women.

We hung out with the other Kenyan athletes and enjoyed the live post-race entertainment while we waited for the awards ceremony.

Hollywood Half Marathon Awards Ceremony
T-shirts, hats, and jackets were tossed out to the crowd. I was thrilled to get one of the red Hollywood Half Marathon running jackets.

Race award ceremonies rarely start on time so we were grateful that we didn't have to wait that long for it to begin.

Michael Blackson MoonRunner at the Hollywood Half Marathon Awards Ceremony
The race directors, Ken and Sabrina Nwadike, presented the awards from the generous prize purse to the top 3 female and male finishers.

Race director Ken's alter ego, Michael Blackson MoonRunner, made a 'surprise' celebrity appearance to present the age group awards.

The Green Girl's favorite Hollywood Half Marathon costume - 'Free Hugs'
As a runner, I feel what sets race directors Ken and Sabrina apart from other organizers of comparable-sized events is their level of dedication to the running community.

Ken and Sabrina are committed to continuous improvement. Their events are not only fun and unique but participant feedback is considered and thoughtful touches are included that enhance a runner's overall race experience.

I look forward to participating in future Superhero Events.
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