Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 恭喜發財

The Green Girl wants to wish everyone a happy, healthy, safe, and Chinese Lunar New Year.

According to Chinese astrology, our universe consists of five basic elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. It is said that everything in the universe, including humans, has a relationship with these five elements.

The Chinese believe every element is equally important and powerful. Metal will create Water, Water will create Wood, Wood will create Fire, Fire will create Earth, and Earth will then create Metal. Conversely, there is also a cycle of incompatibility and destruction: Metal will destroy Wood, Wood will destroy the Earth, Earth will destroy Water, Water will destroy Fire, and Fire will then destroy the Metal.

The Snake 蛇 is a Fire element but 2013 is a Water year. The conflict between the elements means most of people will experience mix of good and bad fortune.

The Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang 陰陽 states Yin must follow Yang for the universe to be in balance. The Dragon Yang of 2012, the cycle’s most powerful positive force, must be balanced by the cycle’s most powerful negative force, the Snake Yin of 2013. The 'positive' and 'negative' represent the opposing yet complementary forces and should not be construed in a moral framework as 'good' or 'bad'. Harmony is achieved through this paradoxical balance.

The dynamic elemental relationship between Fire and Water means we should proceed with caution especially when dealing with health, relationships, and finances.

The Water energy will creativity, discovery, and innovation by releasing old thinking that blocked growth and progress. This means 2013 is a good year to expand your horizons by learning new things.

In Chinese metaphysics, the Snake is the Traveling Star and Water is the element of transport and communications so the Water Snake will likely bring opportunities for travel.

The Chinese believe rewards are found in the inner world of spirit during a Water Snake Year.

I believe the Water Snake will favor my renewed focus on personal and professional growth, and I will respect the 'Water will destroy Fire' by approaching things with caution.
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