The Sole Runners Wish The Green Girl Good Luck

Coach Steve and the Green Girl
Saturday morning, the Green Girl joined the Sole Runners for an hour active recovery run.

Coach Steve builds active recovery weeks with lower intensity and volume into our training schedule to give our bodies a chance to repair and refresh and this past week was supposed to be our recovery period.

Since I will be leaving for Tour DaVita next weekend and I shipped Lexa out last week, I've opted to use this upcoming week as my recovery week so it can double as a taper for my bike tour.

Sole Runners heading out for an hour active recovery run
The weather was unusual and we all commented that we weren't expecting rain as we arrived at Marina Vista Park.

Notably absent was the thunder as giant bolts of lightning filled the sky.

The precipitation dispersed by the time we set out for our run and we didn't see any more lightning streaks. The morning was cool but surprisingly humid.

For once, the Green Girl wasn't at the beginning of the line because she was the shortest
Coach Steve led us in standing post-run yoga since the ground was damp.

After the vertical yoga session, Coach Steve asked all the Sole Runners to line up. Just as I was filing in between a couple of runners, he yelled for me to get on the end.

As I walked to the end, Coach Steve talked about how I'm entering a new chapter in my life as I embark on my journey to Tour DaVita.

Sole Runners high fiving the Green Girl
All the Sole Runners wished me luck and high fived me as I jogged down the line.

One of the mentors, Heather, even asked me if I wanted to borrow her bicycle so I could get in some additional mileage before I head out.

I am so proud to be a member of such a supportive and encouraging running group.


The Green Girl Wishes Lexa Safe Travels

Richard disassembling Lexa
The Green Girl had to say goodbye to Lexa today as she shipped her out to Pedal Power in Middletown, CT, in preparation for Tour DaVita.

I pre-paid $40 online to have Pedal Power assemble Lexa upon arrival.

My initial plan was to drop Lexa off at the bike store and have them package her up but at the last minute, I discovered they were completely booked with other shipments.

Trico Sports Iron Case in the trunk of my car (the case isn't closed because the pedals were still attached)
One of the Sole Runners, Richard, offered his Trico Sports Iron Case for shipping so Lexa and I went to his house last night and he helped with the disassembly.

Unfortunately, we couldn't manage to get her pedals off so we had to put her in the case with the pedals on and I had to make a stop at the local bike store today before I could ship her out.

Lexa's frame layer
After getting her pedals removed by a professional, I packaged her properly in the box with the three layers of foam.

Between the bottom and middle form layers, I placed Lexa's frame with the attached seat and frame reinforcers. I tucked her handlebars on the side.

Because she is so small, I didn't have to remove her saddle.

Between the middle and top foam pieces, I put both her tires and the pedals.

Lexa's tires and pedal layer
There was a carrying strap on top and wheels on the bottom that made transportation of the Iron Case relatively easy.

The case feels surprisingly sturdy considering its weight - I expected it to be much heavier.

I dropped her off at the local AIM Mail Center and shipped her FedEx Ground.

Goodbye, Lexa! Safe travels!
I hope the Iron Case protects Lexa on her journey to the East Coast.

I can't wait to see her again in a week.

Tour DaVita, here we come!


Disneyland Half Marathon Race Report

The Green Girl completed the Disney Coast to Coast Race Challenge this morning with the Disneyland Half Marathon.

After my long run yesterday, I headed over to Anaheim to pick up my bib and race packet.

I was thrilled to be able to meet up with Brenda from Running While Chunky at the race expo.

The newest member of the Green Girl's Disney Vinylmation family
I purchased a Flexr Sports Bottle for Tour DaVita. The bottle comes with disposable and fully biodegradable liners. I am hoping it will offer a sanitary solution for my sports drink consumption.

I also picked up a Disneyland Half Marathon 2011 Disney Vinylmation so Buzz and Rex have a new friend.

Disneyland Half Marathon Goodie Bag
I was conflicted going into this race because part of me wanted to see just how fast I could run a half marathon since I've shaved time off my mile but the Disney lover in me just wanted to take pictures and enjoy the portion of the course inside the parks.

Since I've been struggling with sleep deprivation lately, I opted to get as much sleep as possible even if it meant a late start.

Disneyland Half Marathon Starting Line
Luckily, there was ample parking in the structure and I was on my way to the Starting Line in no time.

I ran into another Sole Runner, Jonathan, while in line for the porta-potties. He was wearing an awesome Little Green Men shirt and matching visor.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the Disneyland Half Marathon Starting Line
Getting to your corral was difficult because of the sheer number of runners but I managed to sneak into Corral E when no one was looking.

They kicked the race off with the requisite Star Spangled Banner and some fireworks.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse were also at the Starting Line to wave us into the race.

Running through Disney California Adventure
As soon as I crossed the Starting Line, I realized this was going to be a challenging race for me. I kept trying to pass on the left but sometimes I would end up having to come to a hard stop because I was trapped so then I attempted to weave in between slower runners.

The morning was also humid and I started sweating profusely.

Mile 2
I loved the mile markers. You can always count on Disney's excellent branding skills.

Once we exited the parks, I put on some music to keep myself motivated.

I was concerned the course would be completely flat but there were some hills to hold my interest.

I started slowing down towards the end and I had to really dig deep to push myself. I was determined to stay under a 12:00 mile.

Disneyland Half Marathon Course Map
I crossed the Finish Line with an official PR finish time of 02:36:44.

I'm interested to see how my legs feel tomorrow morning on my last long ride with Lexa before Tour DaVita after doing a little over 14 miles on Saturday and racing today.
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