The Green Girl Wishes Lexa Safe Travels

Richard disassembling Lexa
The Green Girl had to say goodbye to Lexa today as she shipped her out to Pedal Power in Middletown, CT, in preparation for Tour DaVita.

I pre-paid $40 online to have Pedal Power assemble Lexa upon arrival.

My initial plan was to drop Lexa off at the bike store and have them package her up but at the last minute, I discovered they were completely booked with other shipments.

Trico Sports Iron Case in the trunk of my car (the case isn't closed because the pedals were still attached)
One of the Sole Runners, Richard, offered his Trico Sports Iron Case for shipping so Lexa and I went to his house last night and he helped with the disassembly.

Unfortunately, we couldn't manage to get her pedals off so we had to put her in the case with the pedals on and I had to make a stop at the local bike store today before I could ship her out.

Lexa's frame layer
After getting her pedals removed by a professional, I packaged her properly in the box with the three layers of foam.

Between the bottom and middle form layers, I placed Lexa's frame with the attached seat and frame reinforcers. I tucked her handlebars on the side.

Because she is so small, I didn't have to remove her saddle.

Between the middle and top foam pieces, I put both her tires and the pedals.

Lexa's tires and pedal layer
There was a carrying strap on top and wheels on the bottom that made transportation of the Iron Case relatively easy.

The case feels surprisingly sturdy considering its weight - I expected it to be much heavier.

I dropped her off at the local AIM Mail Center and shipped her FedEx Ground.

Goodbye, Lexa! Safe travels!
I hope the Iron Case protects Lexa on her journey to the East Coast.

I can't wait to see her again in a week.

Tour DaVita, here we come!


  1. Safe and happy travels to you and Lexa! I can't wait to read about your adventure.

  2. I know your reunion will be sweet!! :D

  3. LOL !! Your bike is so small it looks like a BMX bike. Love it. Be SAFE !! and have a great experience.

  4. Wow, I never knew there was so much to packing up a bike to ship. You're going to have so much fun on your little adventure out East...can't wait!

    Got your message late last night. I'll try to give you call tonight. When do you leave?

  5. Now that is a process! Safe travels to Lexa!!!

  6. Hey. I live in Middletown, CT. Yay!


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