The Sole Runners Wish The Green Girl Good Luck

Coach Steve and the Green Girl
Saturday morning, the Green Girl joined the Sole Runners for an hour active recovery run.

Coach Steve builds active recovery weeks with lower intensity and volume into our training schedule to give our bodies a chance to repair and refresh and this past week was supposed to be our recovery period.

Since I will be leaving for Tour DaVita next weekend and I shipped Lexa out last week, I've opted to use this upcoming week as my recovery week so it can double as a taper for my bike tour.

Sole Runners heading out for an hour active recovery run
The weather was unusual and we all commented that we weren't expecting rain as we arrived at Marina Vista Park.

Notably absent was the thunder as giant bolts of lightning filled the sky.

The precipitation dispersed by the time we set out for our run and we didn't see any more lightning streaks. The morning was cool but surprisingly humid.

For once, the Green Girl wasn't at the beginning of the line because she was the shortest
Coach Steve led us in standing post-run yoga since the ground was damp.

After the vertical yoga session, Coach Steve asked all the Sole Runners to line up. Just as I was filing in between a couple of runners, he yelled for me to get on the end.

As I walked to the end, Coach Steve talked about how I'm entering a new chapter in my life as I embark on my journey to Tour DaVita.

Sole Runners high fiving the Green Girl
All the Sole Runners wished me luck and high fived me as I jogged down the line.

One of the mentors, Heather, even asked me if I wanted to borrow her bicycle so I could get in some additional mileage before I head out.

I am so proud to be a member of such a supportive and encouraging running group.


  1. nice run!

    Email me with your travel details when you think you may be crossing the western mass/CT line so I can try to meet up with you!

  2. Good luck next weekend. I can't wait to read all about it.
    Enjoy your taper, if you can. :-)

  3. Your group ROCKS!!

    I so need to call you, I am sorry I am so behind and such a loser!! Very excited about your upcoming ride...it is FINALLY HERE!!! :)

  4. Good luck, good luck, good luck!

  5. Good Luck! You keep trekking! So proud of you!

  6. I love how they high fived you at the end!!! Good Luck Girl, I'll be thinking of you!!

  7. I am so excited about your DaVita tour!! You are going to be so awesome. :D The tour sounds like it would be so fun!

  8. The Sole Runners look like such a great group. And great tilt you have going in that picture of you. Way to go. Good luck on your ride!! Sounds very exciting : )


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