The Green Girl's Ragnar Packing List

The Green Girl is preparing for her fifth Ragnar Southern California relay with her team 'The Green Team'.

I recommend packing the majority of your stuff in a backpack or duffel bag that can be stored in the trunk of the van but also bringing a smaller bag that you can have with you in the van for ready access to essentials.

I suggest wearing your your initial running outfit and then pack 3 complete changes of outfit (2 additional running outfits + 1 post-run outfit) in individual gallon zip bags so dirty clothing can be sealed in the bags. Also store all your safety items (see 'Safety' list below) in a single zip bag so you can easily grab it for the Safety Briefing inspection.

A towel is indispensable - you can roll it up as a pillow, you can use it as a blanket if you get cold, you can sit on it when you are sweaty, you can use it as a barrier when you're changing - and the list goes on. I swear by the Orange Mud Transition & Seat Wrap Towel.

I cannot say enough good things about Target up & up Sensitive Skin Wipes - trust me on this one, go pick up a pack or two.

Another tip is to stick the spare van key in a magnetic keycase to avoid accidentally locking your team out of the van.

The Green Girl's Ragnar So Cal Packing List

REI Duffel Bag
3 outfit changes [stored in individual gallon zip bags in which the dirty clothing can be sealed]
Safety [stored in a single gallon zip bag]
Other items

CicLAvia Baggu Duck

Osprey Packs Rev 1.5 Hydration Pack
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