Cool Running Couch-to-5k Printable Schedule

When I decided I wanted to be able to participate and complete a 5k race, I searched online for training advice. The Cool Running Couch-to-5k Running Plan seemed to be the most popular. And I loved that it was specifically geared for non-athletes like me.

I wanted to print out the weekly schedule so I could reference it as I did each run but I couldn't figure out a way to do that without reproducing the table and parsing it up myself.

By registering with the Cool Running website, I was able to get a personalized sheet for that day but I couldn't seem to print it all out ahead of time. I finally ended up logging in once a day for a week to get the entire schedule by changing my account settings so I got all nine weeks. Then, I pasted them together.

Cool Running Couch-to-5k

If this is helpful to anyone, please help yourself.


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