The Green Girl Loves Green Superfeet

When my left arch started aching after my very first 5 mile run, I knew I needed additional arch support. My New Balance stability shoes had served me well for the shorter distances but my feet needed more support for the longer distances.

My arches almost completely collapse when I put weight on my feet. I also tend to overpronate when I run. The arches in your feet are designed to collapse and provide shock absorption. This is considered normal pronation. If your arches collapse so much that your feet roll inward, this is overpronation. For me, both my feet overpronate but my left foot rolls in more than the right. If your feet roll outward, this is supination.

I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis years before I decided to take up running. This is an inflammation of the plantar fascia, a thin layer of tough tissue supporting the arch of the foot. Because of my plantar fasciitis, activities like ice skating or roller blading are very painful for me. I also prefer to run on hard, even ground - running on soft surfaces like grass or sand are much more painful for me. When I was first diagnosed with plantar fasciitis by my podiatrist, she recommended I get custom orthotics. The orthotics were not covered by my insurance so I had to pay for them out of pocket. Unfortunately, they were uncomfortable and I never wore them. The edges cut into my heels and the orthotic only extended to the middle of my foot. With each step I took, I could feel the edge against the soles of my feet.

The day after my painful 5 mile run, I went to Road Runner Sports to get some advice on insoles. If you have a Road Runner Sports near you, I highly recommend visiting their store. They have this tool they call the Shoe Dog which they use to evaluate your gait, pronation, and stride. After analyzing me with the Shoe Dog system, the salesperson suggested I try a pair of Green Superfeet insoles.

At first, I thought they were too stiff but my feet responded really well to them. Because I had such a demanding training schedule, I had limited time to break them in. I wore them out to dinner, to work the next day and I ran a few miles when I got off work. I was concerned I needed more time for my feet to get accustomed to them but that wasn't the case.

The Green Superfeet insoles gave me the extra support I needed to increase my mileage. I'm able to manage my plantar fasciitis by wearing my New Balance stability shoes, the Green Superfeet insoles, and icing my feet after my long runs. I also massage the bottoms of my feet on a daily basis with a golf ball and stretch my calves every chance I get.

Shortly after I got my Green Superfeet insoles, I went to an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine and he mentioned he always tells his patients to try a pair of the Green Superfeet before investing in expensive orthotics. I wish my podiatrist had suggested the Green Superfeet from the start.


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