The Green Girl Retrieves Her Master Lock Combination

I'm one of those Green Girls who likes to keep things for as long as possible. If it still mostly works, I'm going to hold onto it.

I got my Keroppi-green Master Lock back when I was in high school. I would feel great pride when people would comment that they had never seen a lock in that color.

Unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten the 3 magic numbers I need to open my beloved lock. I tried numerous Master Lock hacks but I couldn't even get through the first step. I kept coming up with more than 12 numbers.

Upon visiting the Master Lock web site, I discovered they offer a method for obtaining lost combinations. I was impressed they actually have a history of all the serial numbers and corresponding combinations.

Per their instructions, I printed out the "Lost Combination Form", scanned the back of my combination lock, and got the paperwork notarized yesterday.

I can't wait to get my combination so I can start locking my stuff up at the gym.


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