The Green Girl's Two Week Running Hiatus

The Green Girl is going to take a two week hiatus from running.

After doing way better than I could have ever expected in my half marathon last Sunday, I want to give my ankle an opportunity to heal. I think repeated sprains have weakened the ligaments and tendons. Just last week, I remembered I had injured this ankle back when I was in elementary school. I had torn the ligaments so badly I ended up on crunches wearing this giant boot for months. I can't believe I completely blocked that entire incident out of my mind until now.

My next race is the Los Alamitos Race on the Base 5k on February 21. Depending on how my ankle feels that week, I might go for some easy runs before the race.

I'll continue to kickbox but I'll tape my ankle. I'll do the elliptical instead of running. This will also give me an opportunity to focus more on strength training.


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