The Green Girl's Red Rock Resort Las Vegas Run

The Green Girl spent the week at the Red Rock Resort Spa and Casino in Las Vegas for work.

The resort is located 20 miles west of Las Vegas Strip near Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rock Canyon is part of the Mojave Desert. The Red Rock mountains were formed by geological forces such as fractured faults where the earth's crust collided over millions of years and fossilized sand dunes. The sandstone rocks get their red color from iron oxide.

I was pleased when I asked the concierge about any running recommendations and she handed me a local map with handwritten directions for a 3.9 mile loop.

I headed out for my run just before sunrise on Wednesday. From what I could gather from the map, the first half of the run looked like it was on a trail and the second half appeared to be paved streets. Since it was dark when I was starting out, I opted to reverse the route.

The path initially took me through the upscale Canyons Village residential neighborhood. I admired the neatly manicured desert foliage.

When I reached the west entrance of Cottonwood Canyon Park, the pink clouds above were shadowed with shades of purple.

I followed the paved path as it wound through the park.

In the distance, I could see the beautiful Red Rock Canyon.

I smiled to myself as I passed other runners and caught glimpses of the familiar handwritten map.

I savored every minute of my run.

I cherished the beauty and the solitude. It was comforting to be alone with my thoughts.

As I headed back to the hotel, I was amused by my tall shadow.


  1. The Running Mermaid said...
    Beautiful scenery!!! Looks like you had an awesome run!

  2. That shadow pic is fantastic - what a beautiful run!

  3. Look at you being all tall shadowed! Beautiful pics, girl!

  4. While I cannot stand Las Vegas city, I love the surrounding area. We visited Red Rock Canyon a couple of times. Stunning beauty. I never ran there though.

  5. Very pretty! I like that tall shadow too. I should visit Las Vegas so I can be tall (if only in my mind!). :D

  6. I was out in Vegas last year for Rock n Roll and several people suggested we go out to Red Rock for a run. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance, but I wish we had. It's beautiful. Great pics!


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