27th Annual IDEA World Fitness Convention Expo

The Green Girl attended the 27th annual IDEA World Fitness Convention Expo at the LA Cenvention Center last weekend.

The event was coined as 'the world’s largest and longest-running fitness education experience' and featured over 300 sessions in personal training, group fitness, cycling, mind-body and specialty areas such as nutrition and career development.

There was a fee to attend the seminars but the expo was free to the public.

I wasn't sure what to expect but I really liked how almost all the booths were interactive.

Indo Board Balance Trainer booth
A representative at the Krankcycle introduced me to the Kranking Training System. It's essentially a stationary bike that you pedal with your hands but with independent crank arms for greater variety of movement.

I tried balancing on an Indo Board Balance Trainer.

There was an entire section dedicated to Zumba. I discovered there is Zumba-specific clothing.

TRX booth
I was invited to do a workout at the TRX booth. I'd heard a lot about TRX suspension training so I was excited to try it out for myself.

I really liked how my core was engaged in almost every exercise.

At the end of the workout, we were challenged with a push-up contest. I somehow managed to squeeze out 30 push-ups while suspended.

Batuka booth
I watched energetic dancers demonstrating Batuka. I learned the name 'Batuka' was derived from the Brazilian Batucada, which is a festive and vibrant gathering of people enjoying music, rhythm, and dance.

I spent some time spinning and leaning from side to side on RealRyder indoor cycling machine.

The RealRyder was designed to mimic a outdoor bike with an articulating frame that allows it to steer, lean, and feel like an actual road bike.

Crunch X-Pert Pole Fitness booth
I watched a Crunch X-Pert Pole Fitness demonstration but didn't try it out for myself.

I'd have to say my favorite workout device was the Core Fitness Roller.

The Core Fitness Roller combines rolling, balance, and resistance. You can stand, sit, or lie down on the roller and use the resistance bands.

Core Fitness Roller
They had me do some basic bicep curls while standing on the roller and I liked how my core was engaged as I did the exercise. I also did some exercises while lying on the roller.

Since balance and strength training are definitely my weak areas, the Core Fitness Roller really appealed to me. I also liked how it can double as a regular foam roller.

When they demonstrated how the unit was completely self-contained, I got even more excited. They simply removed the the end cap, removed the transport strap, pulled the extension arm and the Variable Resistance Module (one unit) from the roller, and then slid the extension arm with VRM into the hollow core of the roller.

Once everything is packed inside the unit, there's a convenient strap that allows you to carry it on your shoulder.

I'm seriously considering investing in a Core Fitness Roller.


  1. I think that would be highly entertaining! So much fun, new stuff going on in the fitness world and to see it up close and in person--lucky you!

  2. That does sound cool! I know alot of people who have had good results with TRX!

  3. i've got my zumba cargo pants on right now! taking a break from practicing some dances for my first zumba class! ;o)

  4. I think I would walk away wanting everything!!!! Except maybe Zumbia specific clothing...weird! I probably would have spent 4 days there .. w/o going to sleep! :) Glad you got to attend, Greenie..you always have the most fun things going on!

  5. WOW! I'm sure I would have wanted to get everything there in my sight! What a great expo : )

  6. Rock On Green Girl! You are always up to something interesting and fun!!

  7. Wow - that sounds so fun. I wish I could have been there!

  8. Hi from a new reader! I would love to go to a fitness convention. What fun and the shopping :)
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  9. Great convention. I've wanted a TRX system for a long time now..... just don't want to pay the $200 CND for it :(

  10. What a cool event! I'm also liking that core fitness roller.

    It looks like we know a bunch of the same bloggers. I don't know why it took me so ling to find your blog!

    Have a wonderful week. :)


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