ING Runner's Nation - ING Class of 2012

The Green Girl's running coach, Steve Mackel, has been chosen to be an ambassador for the ING New York City Marathon ING Runner's Nation ING Class of 2012.

The ING New York City Marathon ING Runner's Nation is a virtual community for runners. Coach Steve and three other running bloggers will be the official Hosts for the interactive ING Runner's Nation.

The RNG Runner's Nation Hosts were chosen to represent the diversity of the running community.

According to New York City Marathon officials, 50% of the marathon participants are from outside of the US.

Coach Steve from SoCalRunning.com is the Coach. Monica from Run Eat Repeat is the Foodie. Dave from Run Like A Clydesdale is the Clydesdale. Jen from Mad Cool Fitness is the New York City Local.

The ING Runner's Nation ING Class of 2012 hosts: Monica from Run Eat Repeat, Dave from Run Like A Clydesdale, Jen from Mad Cool Fitness, and Coach Steve from SoCalRunning.com
The running hosts recently spent three days in New York City filming footage for the ING Runner's Nation web series.

Coach Steve will have the opportunity to share his some of his expertise and personal experiences through weekly webisodes.

In addition to offering support and advice in the ING Runner's Nation forum, Coach Steve will also train 50 ING Runner's Nation runners virtually through his Sole Runners training program.

Behind the scenes: Coach Steve from SoCalRunning.com filming a yoga segment
Coach Steve is currently training for Mt. Baldy Run-to-the-Top, Malibu Triathlon, Berlin Marathon, Long Beach Marathon, and the ING New York City Marathon.

If you see Coach Steve at any of these races, stop by and let him know you're a friend of The Running Green Girl.

Here's Coach Steve's introductory video:

If you would like to join the ING Runner's Nation, simply 'Like' them on Facebook or 'Follow' them on Twitter using hashtags #ingclassof2012‬ ‪#ingnycm‬ ‪#ingnation‬.

If you would like to follow Coach Steve, you may 'Friend' him on Facebook or 'Follow' him on Twitter.


  1. Very nice! NYC Marathon is so huge. We don't have big marathons here in SA but lots of very big ultras.

  2. How cool is THAT!! You are famous by way of association with all those people; next time I see you (it better be soon!) I need to get your autograph! :)

    I liked them on FB. One day I may figure out how Twitter works. YAY, another time sucker I need!



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