The Green Girl's Updated Motivational Collage

The Green Girl decided it was time to update her Motivational Collage.

Since my last collage, I did manage to accrue 54 out of the 60 professional development units (PDUs) required per three-year cycle for my my PMP certification.

In terms of dreaming and following my heart, I took some chances and ended up with some bumps and bruises along the way.

My updated collage reflects the following:
  • Heal
  • Balance head and heart

My number one focus right now is an amelioration of my mind, body, and soul.

A significant portion of this healing process will be the rehabilitation of my right heel. I've been struggling with Achilles tendon bursitis (retrocalcaneal bursitis) since the beginning of this year.

I believe finding a balance between my head and heart will be an integral part of this journey for me.

Healing comes from taking responsibility:
to realize that it is you – and no one else –
that creates your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.

Peter Shepherd


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