The Green Girl's Ragnar Chicago Packing List

The Green Girl is packing for Ragnar Chicago relay. Rain is tentatively forecasted for the weekend so in addition to rain gear/supplies, I am bringing a second pair of running shoes.

I'm not checking a bag for this trip. In addition to the list below, I'll also have clothing/personal items for an additional 2 days of sightseeing.

I'll be carrying on my North Face Recon backpack, Eagle Creek Load Warrior LT 22", and a REI Chock small messenger bag*. The luggage will be left behind in the trunk of someone's car and I will only take the backpack with me in the Ragnar van.

*I leave the messenger bag on my body during the entire flight and never take it off. I've only been asked to consolidate down to 2 bags a few times when boarding planes and in those instances, I just crammed the messenger bag into my backpack. For more carry on tips, refer to 'The Traveling Green Girl: Carry Ons'.

The Green Girl's Ragnar Chicago Packing List

Three outfit changes ([stored in individual gallon zip bags in which the dirty clothing can be sealed] in North Face Recon backpack)

Safety ([stored in a single gallon zip bag] in North Face Recon backpack outer mesh pocket)

Other items (also in North Face Recon backpack)

Nathan Intensity Race Vest

*Update: I was able to carry the instant ice packs onto the plane without any issues.


  1. Great list - I'm going to check out those calf compression sleeves. My ankle is still keeping me from running, which kind of blows. These relay races seem really cool - hopefully I'll get to do one in the future!
    It's kind of cool here (and therefore north of here will be even cooler) - so good luck with the race!

  2. Might want to check the low temps and add chemical hand warmers if you get cold easily like I do. Have fun!

  3. I always love reading your lists. I often see interesting items on there that you would not find here by us.


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