Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 U-Lock and Skin Review

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 U-Lock
The Green Girl purchased the Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 U-Lock for Lexa because of the smaller form factor and positive ratings/reviews.

Lexa's 43 cm frame is too small to accommodate a U-lock so I was looking for a solution that would be easily carried in my Nathan Intensity Race Vest.

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 U-Lock Product Information
  • Product dimensions: 3.25” x 5.5” (8.3cm x 14cm)
  • Product weight: 2.15 lbs (0.98 kgs)
  • 13mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks
  • Reinforced cuff over crossbar and cylinder for added security
  • High security, disc-style cylinder
  • Bent Foot™ shackle design for ease of use
  • Center keyway defends against leverage attacks
  • Anti-rattle bumpers reduce noise during transport
  • Rotating dustcover protects cylinder
  • Includes new Transit FlexFrame-U transportation system which allows for versatile carrying
  • Protective vinyl coating
  • 3 stainless steel keys – one lighted with high intensity LED bulb & replaceable battery
Lexa secured with the Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 U-Lock
Online research indicated a combination of a U-lock and a braided cable lock or dual U-locks were the most secure solutions.

After reading endless reviews, I was comforted to learn this U-lock could not easily be compromised by bolt cutters or hacksaws. Admittedly, an inexpensive angle grinder could cut through any U-lock on the market - you just have to hope the potential thief isn't carrying a spare angle grinder in their back pocket.

  • Small form factor - 3.25” x 5.5” (8.3cm x 14cm)
  • Reasonable weight/protection ratio - 2.15 lbs (0.98 kgs)
  • Mostly positive ratings/reviews
Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 U-Lock and Kryptonite Mini U-Lock Color Skin
I purchased the Kryptonite Mini U-Lock Color Skin because I wanted my U-lock to match Lexa and because I read the skin added protection against scratching the bike frame.

The Kryptonite Mini U-Lock Color Skins fit all Kryptonite Mini U-Lock (EV & KLS2) models with both 3" (7.6cm) and 3.25" (8.2cm) crossbars.

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 U-Lock original and replacement skin crossbar/dustcover
The shackle skin tubing is 17" (43.1cm) long and will completely cover up to a 7" (17.8cm) Kryptonite Mini shackle length. The Color Skin Kit includes shackle and crossbar covers and replacement dustcover parts.

I learned how important it is to perform the installation in a certain order after I mistakenly slipped the crossbar cover on before sliding on the replacement dustcover.

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 U-Lock
The dustcover will not slip on the crossbar once the skin is on. I had to use a green rubber jar opener to pry the sticky skin off. In the process, the green from the jar opener transferred onto the skin and the crossbar became a faint, fluorescent green color.

Kryptonite Mini U-Lock Color Skin Installation Steps
  1. Unlock the U-lock so the crossbar and u-shaped part of the lock are separated
  2. Slide the original orange Kryptonite skin and dustcover off the crossbar
  3. Put the clear replacement dustcover on the crossbar
  4. Align the hole in the crossbar skin with the hole in the crossbar and slip on the crossbar skin
  5. Remove the original Kryptonite covering on the U-lock portion - I used a kitchen knife/rubber jar opener and wiggled it around until I could yank the remaining tubing off with my hand
  6. Trim the replacement vinyl to the same length as the now removed U-lock covering - I did not replace the mounting bracket since Lexa's frame is too small to accommodate the lock so I factored in the lack of bracket in my measurement and I used regular scissors
  7. Slip the now trimmed U-lock skin onto the U-lock - I did not use bike lube or heat up the cover but it took some serious muscling to force it on
  8. Attach the crossbar to the U-lock and make any necessary adjustments
Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 U-Lock
The entire process took me over half an hour because of the additional time spent yanking the skin off the crossbar so I could slide the dustcover on.

I felt it was worth the effort because I am happy with the final result.

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 U-Lock
I took advantage of Kryptonite's Anti-Theft Protection at no additional cost by sending in a copy of my bike receipt with the understanding that it will only be honored if the U-lock is left behind by the bike thief.

The Kryptonite website offers suggestions for How to Lock Your Bicycle. This is important because many bicycles are stolen due to faulty locking techniques as opposed to a compromised lock.

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 U-Lock
If weight and size were not a consideration, I would have opted for a larger U-lock so I could lock Lexa's wheel with the frame.

With my current Mini U-lock, I will feel reasonably confident that Lexa is secure when I have to make short stops.

In the future, for longer rides when I have a larger cycling pack, I will invest in a cable chain to pair with the U-lock for additional security and peace of mind.


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