The Green Girl is a Ragnar Ambassador

The Green Girl is proud to announce she is a Ragnar Relay Ragnar Ambassador for 2014.

I participated in my first Ragnar Relay last April when fellow Sole Runner, Sarah, talked me into joining her So Cal team, '12 peas in a pod'.

Before I participated in my first Ragnar, I had no idea what to expect so I did searched online for tips, best practices, and other advice.

Since I'm a professional packing list maker, I compiled my inaugural 'The Green Girl's Ragnar Packing List' based on my research findings.

One Ragnar and I was hooked. It was so much fun!

This year, I did Ragnar So Cal again, and then I did my first out-of-state relay, Ragnar Madison Chicago.

I am looking forward to sharing my Ragnar love and offering up my professional packing lists and tips.

What is a Ragnar Relay?

A Ragnar Relay is a multi-person road or trail race with a route that is divided into 36 legs of varying difficulty and distances between 3-11 miles, with designed exchange points. The teams consisted of 6-12 individuals split evenly into two vans.

For teams of 12, Van 1 contains runners 1-6 and Van 2 contains runners 7-12. Van 1 Runner #1 begins at the starting line. Once the race starts, Van 1 goes to the first exchange point where runner #2 will prepare to run. Runners from Van 1 continue to run in order up to exchange point 6; this is the first major exchange in the race.
At exchange 6, Van 2 should be waiting. At this point, runner #6 from Van 1 will hand the slap bracelet off to runner #7 from Van 2. Then, Van 2 continues along the race course rotating runners until the next major exchange point, exchange 12, where they will hand off to Van 1 again. This pattern continues until the Finish.

What is a Ragnar Ambassador?

The Ragnar Ambassador responsibilities are the following:
  • Wear Ragnar branded gear and run/volunteer in at least 5 races
  • Wear Ragnar branded gear and run with club/store twice a month
  • Spread the word about Ragnar through social media
Ragnar Ambassadors receive:
  • Ragnar Ambassador branded gear
  • One Free Individual Entry into local 2013 Ragnar Relay
  • 1st shot at being part of local Ragnar SWAT (SWAT manages the race on race weekend)
  • Discounts on Ragnar Gear at Ragnar events


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