Run Woodstock Hippie Half Marathon Packing List

The Green Girl is updating her Run Woodstock Peace, Love & Freak 50​K Packing List in preparation for this year's Running Fit's Run Woodstock.

Run Woodstock is a weekend of peace, love, music and run­ning at Hell Creek Ranch in Pinckney, MI, with races of almost every imaginable distance - 5k/10k, 5 mile, full/half marathon, 50k/50 mile, 100k/100 miles.

The runners will be camping at the Hell Creek Ranch Com­mune.

The Green Girl's Run Woodstock Packing List

Clothing Gear Personal Items/Toiletries Electronics
  • Mini flashlight lantern
  • Mobile phone
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Camera
  • Spare camera battery
  • TIKKA PLUS² headlamp
  • Spare AAA batteries for headlamp
  • Mr. Green Garmin
  • Battery pack
  • Waterproof electronic bags
Nutrition Travel Outfit


  1. I like how there are like, a million items of clothing and only one nutritional item. And, I still don't know what it is. Woot!

    1. Yeah, as you can tell, this is still a work in progress!

  2. A great list and sounds like a great weekend, too!

    Also, used the towel this weekend at my first tri and last weekend getting my SCUBA certification. That thing is awesome!

    1. Yeay! I'm so happy you won the towel and are enjoying it as much as me!

  3. Wait, are you doing the half marathon? Or the 50k?

    1. I'm hardly even prepared for the Hippie Half! Ha.

  4. Looks like a ton of fun! And those S!Caps are great - they got me through my first marathon, even with sweltering heat!

  5. I'll bet you are in better shape that I am for a Half right now.


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