Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 恭喜發財

The Green Girl wants to wish everyone a happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous Chinese Lunar New Year.

According to Chinese astrology, our universe consists of five basic elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. It is said that everything in the universe, including humans, has a relationship with these five elements.

The Chinese believe every element is equally important and powerful. Metal will create Water, Water will create Wood, Wood will create Fire, Fire will create Earth, and Earth will then create Metal. Conversely, there is also a cycle of incompatibility and destruction: Metal will destroy Wood, Wood will destroy the Earth, Earth will destroy Water, Water will destroy Fire, and Fire will then destroy the Metal.

2015 is the Year of the Wooden Sheep. It is also referred to as the Year of the Goat or the Year of the Ram. This is because the Chinese character 羊 (yáng) for 'horned animal' is common to these animals. 绵羊 (mián yáng) means sheep, specifically the kind that is raised for wool. 山羊 (shān yáng) means goat. 公羊 (gōng yáng) means ram.

Wood relates to trees which relate to the color green. The Year of the Wood Sheep is therefore also known as the Year of the Green Sheep.

The Year of the Green Sheep brings a slower paced, more relaxed, and introspective time. Creativity and arts flourish during Sheep years.

The Green Sheep encourages you to cultivate the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. 2015 is an opportunity for you to nurture your inner child by exploring the world with bright-eyed wonder.

The Green Sheep has a reflective, sensitive energy that brings plenty of opportunity to tune into feelings and leverage them for our own growth and awareness. 2015 is a good year to resolve stubborn problems or break free of negative cycles.

The Green Sheep also brings a hint of nostalgia. This is a good time to research your family tree or journey to lands of ancient civilizations.


  1. Happy new year!! I was born in the year of the sheep, which means I get to turn 48 this year, gulp!!

  2. Bahahah. I wondered why Google had a sheep the other day. I should have gotten a clue when there were Chinese lanterns hanging near his head. :)

    Miss you!


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