The Green Girl Hits The Slopes

Whoo hoo! The Snow Gods have finally smiled down upon Southern California. Mt. High received between 18 to 28 inches of snow. And you know what that means - glorious, glorious powder!

I did what any unemployed Green Girl would do and headed straight for the mountains early this morning.

I was pleasantly surprised by the drive out to Mt. High. I assumed I would get stuck in the morning commute since I couldn't use the carpool lane but I was able to zip along in the fast lane the entire way. As I was driving northbound on Interstate 15 towards Highway 138, I caught my first glimpse of the beautiful, snow covered mountains. The sky became darker as I got closer to Highway 2. It made me feel like winter had finally arrived.

Today was an absolutely perfect day for snowboarding. The weather was beautiful. It was even cold enough for the snow machines to blow fresh flakes onto the slopes.

The powder was amazing. I was in heaven as my board soared over the soft snow. When the powder is really good, I feel like I'm floating on fluffy clouds in the sky.

I overhead quite a few snowboarders talking about how they had called in sick to work today. It made me smile inside. There's something magical about snowboarding. I've been snowboarding for 4 years now. I'm not an expert by any means but I truly enjoy it. Snowboarding holds a special place in my heart because it was my love for snowboarding that sparked my interest in other forms of exercise.

I shared a lift ride with this one snowboarder who told me he works his butt off every summer to save up enough money to do nothing but snowboard through the winter. The fact that he is able to do what he truly loves really resonated with me.

I purchased a 4 hour lift ticket because I'm usually fatigued after a few hours but I didn't feel tired at all today. I couldn't help but think all the exercise I've been doing has actually increased my energy level.

I did a lot of thinking today. About my life. About what I truly want. About what makes me happy.

As I drove home, I observed the sun descending into the horizon and the sky erupting into brilliant shades of blue, pink and purple. Cliché as it may be, it was the perfect ending to my perfect snowboarding day.


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