The Green Girl Met Danny Dreyer

The Green Girl trains year-round with the Sole Runners running group. Coach Steve Mackel and Coach Gary , are both ChiRunning Certified Instructors.

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I became interested in ChiRunning before I came a running Green Girl but it wasn't until I attended a private 2 hour ChiRunning Workshop with Coach Steve that it finally 'clicked' for me.

You can imagine my excitement when Coach Steve announced Danny Dreyer was going to come speak to the Sole Runners.

I bought my ChiRunning book with me so I could get it autographed by Danny. The funny thing was that I had forgotten how many sticky notes and tabs I had stuck on my ChiRunning book and how many excerpts I'd highlighted back when I was starting out on the Cool Running Couch-to-5k running plan. I'm one of those Green Girls who researches things extensively before I even try it.

Both Danny and Coach Steve were so impressed by my book that Coach Steve ran to his car to get a camera to take a picture of us. Danny flipped through the book while we waited for Coach Steve to get back. He looked at the pages I'd tabbed and the passages I'd highlighted. Danny even wrote, "Good job with the book," when he autographed it.

The cool thing about Danny coming to speak to our running group was that he didn't teach us ChiRunning since our coaches already use the technique. Instead, he shared his philosophies about running with us.

Danny talked about concepts from the ChiRunning book like body sensing. Coach Steve posted a video clip of Danny speaking about body sensing and self mastery.

I was especially excited when Danny shared some new ideas with us that were not covered in the book.

One thing Danny said that really resonated with me was that "you shouldn't have to work so hard when you run." He said you should just lean forward and let that imaginary string to your heart pull you and imagine the Earth is a giant treadmill. Danny said you shouldn't push off the ground - just lean forward and lift your feet. I love this concept and I'm going to try to always remember this when I'm out running.


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