The Green Girl Meets Mr. Timms

The Green Girl's coworker, Brandy, attended Comic-Con last weekend where she was introduced to a little orange wind-up fish named Mr. Timms at booth #3913.

From what I gather, Mr. Timms is featured in a trailer for an upcoming movie, Rango, starring Johnny Depp.

Mr. Timms appears to be part of a viral marketing strategy to stir up excitement for the movie. Fans of Mr. Timms are asked to take pictures of Mr. Timms and submit them to the website.

Brandy mentioned her friend would be traveling to Greece for the Athens Classic Marathon when she picked up a Mr. Timms for me. She said the girl at the booth got really excited.

I now have my very own orange Mr. Timms. Apparently, there also are some rare limited edition silver Mr. Timms out there.

In all honesty, I'm not sure how I feel about being part of a viral marketing ploy but I did agree to take Mr. Timms to Greece so I will keep my word. I think Mr. Timms might enjoy lying out on the black sandy beach in Santorini.


  1. AH! THIS IS SO EXCITING! I have never heard of Mr. Timms, but I love the idea, and LOVE J.DEPP! HOORAY! Good choice to play along! :)

  2. Anything associated with Johnny Depp has to be good! Have fun with it.

  3. If you decide Mr. Timms isn't worthy of going to Greece with you, I'll gladly take his place :).

  4. Oooooo! You went to ComicCon? I wanted to take my son - he's into the gaming stuff, but moved too late to get tickets. Nice!

  5. Rad Runner Girl and Rio, you girls are welcome to play with Mr. Timms as long as he gets back in time for Greece.

    Jill, if Rad Runner Girl or Rio don't get Mr. Timms back to me, you are welcome to take his place. I'll take pictures of you lying on the black beach instead. ::smiles::

    Glenn, I didn't attend Comic-Con, my coworker did. Good luck getting tickets for you and your son next year!


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