The Green Girl's Run Along The Strand

After volunteering at the Christmas In July 5k Run, the Green Girl went for a run.

I started at Dockweiler State Beach and headed north on The Strand.

The Strand is a 22 mile paved bicycle path that runs along the coast from Pacific Palisades to Redondo Beach.

Despite the warmer temperature, I felt strong today. I felt quick on my toes and I was able to maintain a good pace without pushing myself.

When I hit Ballona Creek, I crossed over the bridge to the Ballona Creek Bike Path but instead of following the path east, I headed west towards the narrow peninsula.

At the entrance of the headland, there was a gate that was fashioned to prevent bicycle traffic from entering. I zigzagged my way through and continued down the path.

This section consisted of a paved bi-directional path bordered by rocks. Fishing lines were propped along the sides.

A considerate seagull moved to the side when he saw me heading in his direction.

I luxuriated in the beauty of being surrounded by a body of water on both sides. The gentle sound of waves crashing against the rocks soothed my soul as I reveled in the sensation of the cool ocean breeze.

I ran the length but instead of turning around right away, I stopped to sit and just enjoy the scenery.

On my way back, I realized I had rediscovered a certain joy that's been absent from my runs for awhile now. I felt liberated.


  1. This is a beautiful run! I love the pics by the beach:)
    Leah B.

  2. Gorgeous scenery. I am soooo going to fit in a run at the coast next weekend!

  3. sounds like a really awesome run!

  4. WOW! Awesome run - gorgeous scenery! I love the shot with your shoes in it. Way to get your running joy back - I just got mine back a little while ago, and it is as you say, liberating.

  5. We really are spoiled here in Southern California, aren't we. I often have to catch myself before I tell everyone how tired I am of running the Newport Back Bay...

  6. Now that is one SUCCESSFUL run! :) Personal P.R. for the Sole!

  7. Thank you, Heather, Dragonfly, Caratunk Girl, Glenn, and Rad Runner Girl.

    Heather, I cannot wait to hear about your run on the coast. ::smiles::

    Caratunk Girl, I'm glad you were able to get yours back as well. I don't think I'd realized I'd lost it until I rediscovered it this weekend.


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