The Green Girl's Sunday Long Run

After missing our Saturday morning Sole Runners run, Michelle and I went for our long run Sunday afternoon.

Instead of staying on the Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath, we went over the bridge towards the Queen Mary.

Right before we reached the famous ocean liner, we managed to actually run through the Japanese Classic Car Show.

We looped around the grounds of the Queen Mary before heading back to the bridge.

When we looked back at Downtown Long Beach, we couldn't help but admire the majestic skyline.

The afternoon was warm but we both found in comfort in the knowledge that the weather would be cooling off soon.

Shortly after we passed Shoreline Village, we decided to run on the sand for a change.

It felt good to run on a softer surface for awhile.

We eventually returned to the bike path and took a turn down the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier as the sun began to set.

My right foot felt really good up until mile 8 when I started feeling some soreness in the arch. I concentrated on landing as softly as possible and kept going. My left hip felt good but the inside of my left knee was a little twitchy until I put the patellar strap on.

I am going to continue getting my foot taped and hope for the best.

I've been feeling a great deal of apprehension about my right foot and being able to complete another 17 mile run has done wonders for my confidence.


  1. I used to love going to the Queen Mary when I was young - is the Spruce Goose still there?

  2. Hope your foot gets better really soon.
    Beautiful run in a beautiful place.

  3. Awesome run green girl!!

    Love the photos! Happy the right foot is being "good to you". :)

  4. Running Mermaid said...
    You're awesome Green Girl!!!

  5. Hoping for the best for your foot, too!! Woohooo on the 17 miler :). A HUGE confidence boost for sure! (hugs)

  6. Saw you were dissing joggling on Andrew's blog.....not cool! :p I love joggling!

  7. I myself am not a joggler. I can barely chew gum and walk at the same time. But I would be one if I was coordinated and could juggle! What did the jogglers ever do to you except give you a good laugh!?

    Now stop eye-ing me with suspicion! :p

  8. Great pics. from this weekend! Sorry for the discomfort, I am going to send every ounce of happy juice power your way for GREECE! (I need to see you b4 then!!!!!!!!!!!)You name the time and place lady!

  9. Beautiful. Hoe the foot feels better soon. Yesterday on my run I kept imagining a rope pulling me up as I ran so I could be as tall and light as possible. My left knee has bothered me since the Hollywood Sign Run. Being an injured runner is no fun.
    Here's to our injuries going away for good. Congrats on finishing your long run!

  10. Great run and lovely pics! Thanks for sharing1 I'm so glad you could do this run and feel confident afterwards. Things are starting to work out just right. Keep it going!


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