Happy 101 Blog Award

The Green Girl received her very first blog award from Katherine at Forward Foot Strides.

Thank you so much, Katherine, for nominating me for the Happy 101 Blog Award. Katherine is a fellow New Balance wearing running blogger with a great sense of humor.

I tried unsuccessfully to trace this award's origins but I'm still honored to have received it.

Happy 101 Blog Award rules:
  1. Copy and paste the Happy 101 Blog Award on your blog
  2. Thank the awarder and link back to their blog
  3. List 10 things that make you happy
  4. Pass the award on to 10 other bloggers and visit their blog to let them know
10 Happy Green Girl Things
  1. Spending time with my niece
  2. Eating pomegranates
  3. Organizing things
  4. Traveling to new places
  5. Snowboarding on fresh powder
  6. Helping the less fortunate
  7. Taking pictures
  8. Reading good books
  9. Laughing with friends
  10. Experiencing things I've never done before

Katherine, thank you for helping me to stop and think about the things that make me happy. It was a good exercise for me.

Instead of singling out ten blogs, I'll simply pose the question, what makes you happy?


  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs...
    1) My children
    2) Memories of my mother
    3) Giving to others
    4) My relationship with my sister
    5) My friends
    6) Eating a good meal
    7) The beach
    8) Being active
    9) Bubble baths
    10) Hugs

  2. Sleeping!
    Eating good food, preferably made by someone else.
    Hugging / being hugged by my kiddos.

  3. You mean besides reading your blog??? :-)

  4. Nice! Yes, the tone of your blog is definitely a happy one.

  5. I'm sure you are happy doing anything. I try to live my life being happy with everything and always smiling. Running and achieving running goals makes this a lot easier.

  6. I'm happy with pretty much everything in my life right now. Life is just cruising along.

  7. What a cute picture! Congrats on the award, you totally deserve it! Love the come back question!
    1. Being around the ones I love
    2. Finding the excitement and beauty in the simplest things like cupcakes and the smell of a sweet rose
    3. Running in races
    4. Hugs and kisses
    5. Paying it forward
    6. Fun surprises
    7. Spreading positivity and good vibes
    8. Mini vacations
    9. Having a friend like you
    10. Massages

    Thanks so much for posting this! This was a REALLY positive way for me to start my morning and I haven't even showered yet :)

  8. I'm loving my cup of coffee right now!

  9. Finally finding YOUR blog!!!

    Happy me!!

  10. congrats on the award it makes me happy that you won!


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