The Green Girl's Sunday Bolsa Chica and City Run

The Green Girl missed her Saturday morning Sole Runners run because she had to attend an Advanced Topics Seminar (ATS) on Special Regulations and Requirements for the Healthcare Industry.

In order for me to maintain my Project Management Professional (PMP) credential, I must accrue 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every three years and this involves attending meetings and training courses on a regular basis.

One of the Sole Runners, Michelle, joined me for an early afternoon run at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.

As we ran, the occasional raindrop fell from the dark stratus clouds low in the sky.

It had been awhile since I had the opportunity to run on dirt and I was thrilled to feel the soft, uneven ground beneath my feet.

As the drizzle become more consistent, large breaks of clear blue sky appeared in between the grey clouds.

There are many things I love the cooler months and being able to run later in the day is one of them. In the summer, I feel like I'm always trying to squeeze a run in before it gets too hot or after the sun goes down.

I admired the ripples created as the ducks skimmed the water's surface in formation.

On account of the impending rain, we cut our run short but later on in the evening, I decided to go for a run around the city.

As I headed out, it started to sprinkle again. I wasn't expecting this so I didn't bring any rain gear.

As I continued to run, the drops became more consistent. I ducked under business awnings for temporary shelter from the rain as I ran.

Much to my relief, Mr. Green Garmin appeared indifferent to the precipitation.


  1. I love that I don't like running in the heat also but rain is fun as long as there is not too much wind.
    Like your pink Garmin.

  2. Your runs always look and sound so peaceful. I think that's what a lot of runners never give themselves when running, peacefulness.

  3. Huh. Maybe we where there at the same time. I went around 1 according to Mr. Road Garmin. Not quite morning I guess...

  4. Glad Mr. G. is ok! Look at you 2 runs in 1 day fancy pants hardcore green girl!

  5. Your run in the coolest places!

  6. I agree with Johann--your runs always look spectacular!


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