Santa Fun'd'-Run 10k Race Report

The Green Girl did the Santa Fun'd' Run yesterday.

The race was organized by The Neighborhood United Methodist Community. Some of the Sole Runners are actively involved with this organization.

The proceeds benefited the Fitness 4 All's Progressive Marathon Program and the CANTA! After-school Academy.

Fitness 4 All is a local Long Beach after-school program in downtown Long Beach. 4th and 5th graders had the opportunity to run the distance of a marathon in six weeks. At the Finish Line of the Santa Fun'd' Run, they had completed all 26.2 miles.

The CANTA! After-school Academy is sponsored by the Long Beach Opera The Neighborhood United Methodist Community, and Fitness 4 All.

CANTA! is a cross-curricular after-school program in downtown Long Beach for 4th and 5th grade students. Opera America's Music! Words! Opera! (M!W!O!) curriculum is used to help the students create, produce, and perform original opera productions.

To help show my support, I volunteered to bring some finisher cupcakes.

The owner of my favorite cupcake place, Miss Priss Cupcakes & Such, Karie Foster, offered a generous discount in support of the event.

An Elf won the 10k
It was a damp and foggy race morning but the runners were all in good spirits.

The course was along the Long Beach Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath. The path was surprisingly empty for a Saturday morning - presumably due to the rain.

The volunteers were all smiles
As I headed out, I cheered on all the 5k runners on their way back.

The hydration stations had brightly covered tablecloths that could be spotted from miles away. They had the standard runner staples of water, oranges, and pretzels.

Santa Claus gave all the runners a candy cane at the Finish Line as we received our Santa medals.

I loved that the local youth were able to be a part of the event raising money for their program.


  1. Good job! Sounds like a fun event, and those cupcakes were a welcome treat I bet. Someone had made sandwiches for our 5K, and the runners were very grateful!

  2. You always have the most fun at any of your events, I need to hang out with you more :). A medal for a 5K? With a Santa on it? I'd even had run it for THAT!! Very cool! And big high-fives for the kiddos who did the 26.2 in those weeks, that's AWESOME!


  3. That is the cutest medal ever!

  4. Love the medal and the reason for the event- sounds like a fun race!

  5. Nice job Green Girl for manning-up in the rain. Or, womanning up. Whatever.

  6. You are just awesome! You make me want to sign up for races again. I last raced a year ago. Cupcakes. Mmmmm!

  7. Running for cupcake = awesome. I would totally run for cupcakes.

    That's a pretty sweet medal too :)

  8. What a neat cause to run for and the medal is really cool.
    I love the marathon idea for kids.

  9. I love the Santa medal! You've done some awesome races this year, fantastic! I'm always glad to hear about events where the youth is included in some running. Too many lazy children out there. We need to show them the fun of running.

  10. great medal!

    btw, I'm sure not everyone is going to send me their address for the bumper stickers, so I'll send you one if that happens : )

  11. Looks like a fun race! The Santa medal is fun and I would love to have cupcakes at the end of a race. =)

  12. Sound like a fun race! cool bling too!

  13. Great job for a nice race in the rain!


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