The Green Girl's Sole Runners Palos Verdes Trail Run

The Green Girl joined the Sole Runners for a trail run this morning in Palos Verdes.

Coach Steve started off with the usual updates and then he called up a couple of Sole Runners, Rose Ann, and Mentor Sara.

They were among a number of Sole Runners who participated in the 13.1 Los Angeles Half Marathon last week.

Unfortunately, when Rose Ann arrived at the race, she realized she had left her socks and shoes back home. Mentor Sara saw how distraught Rose Ann was and when she discovered they wore the same shoe size, she offered to swap with Rose Ann.

After talking through the situation with Mentor Sara, Rose Ann finally decided she would go ahead with the race sans running shoes.

Coach Steve captured footage of Rose Ann running the race in her Crocs.

Mentor Sara's actions and Rose Ann's gutsy decision made me proud to not only be a Sole Runner but to be a mentor for such an incredible running group.

Today was my first run in a blue Sole Runners mentor shirt. I felt so official.

It was a beautiful morning for a run. I admired the contrast of the clear sky above the deep blue hues of the ocean.

As I started out on my run, my legs felt strong. It was one of those runs where your body skips that warming up period and you feel good from the start.

The terrain was fairly technical so I had to really concentrate on my footing - especially on the steep downhills. Interestingly enough, I found focusing on the trail to be incredibly therapeutic and I actually felt my entire body - even my shoulders - relaxing.

On my way back, I paused and just stared out into the seemingly endless waves.

I wished I could bottle up the euphoria from my run and beauty surrounding me and share that with everyone who asks me why I run.


  1. That euphoria was exactly how I felt on my run today, but my views were FAR LESS beautiful! That is so cool that you are a running mentor.

  2. You make that mentor shirt look GOOD! Beautiful and satisfying run!

  3. Wait, so you are the Green Girl or the Blue Girl? I'm confused.

  4. You know I've never been to Palos Verdes? I need to get up there...

  5. Love what you said about bottling up the euphoria!! SO TRUE. Sounds like an amazing run.

  6. Oh wow I LOVE PV! I used to live a short distance away in San Pedro before moving to Riverside/OC to be near my school. Those trails are beautiful!

    Congratulaions on becoming a running mentor!!! That is awesome! :D

  7. I must say that I envy the awesome scenery and weather you get to run in. We're frozen solid up here in Connecticut!!!


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