Long Beach Marina Sunday Morning Blogger Run

After this morning's weekly Long Beach SparkTeam walk, the Green Girl met up with Chris from What I Run Into and Rad Runner Girl at the Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath.

I met Chris on the course of the San Francisco Half Marathon. I was running and she happily ran up beside me to ask me if I was The Running Green Girl. I was flattered by the recognition and felt like a mini-celebrity.

The morning was overcast and chilly - the Green Girl's ideal running conditions.

We headed out on the beach path towards the Shoreline Village.

The conversation came easily, as it always seems to when runners are among other runners.

We followed the loop around the Shoreline Aquatic Park with the Queen Mary in the distance.

Chris will also be doing the Disney Princess Half Marathon so the three of us chatted about the upcoming race.

After we all parted ways, I grabbed a bite to eat and then decided to take advantage of the weather by getting some additional mileage in.

I had gotten a few more miles in when it started to rain. Cars splashed past me as I ran along the edge of Shoreline Drive.

I'm grateful for running and all the opportunities running has afforded me like meeting other awesome runners like Chris.


  1. but you ARE a mini-celebrity!

  2. Aww! So lucky to have real life bloggy meet ups!

  3. Super neat that someone recognized you from your blog. What a fun run! I haven't heard of the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Sounds fun too : )

  4. LOVE! Thank you for meeting up with me! You both look fab and I look like I have camel-toe. Great... ;p

    PS - As far as I'm concerned, you're blogging royalty!!

  5. You are more than a mini celebrity. Even people here in South Africa know about you! Glad you had a great run with awesome friends. Have a good week!

  6. You are famous, that's for sure.
    Talk about luck - running into bloggy friends.

  7. Blogger Meet Up is about Sharing the knowledge.

  8. that is so funny! looks like a great run, even in the rain.

  9. How cool that someone recognized you at a race. I've thought about getting business cards with my blog name/email/phone because when I talk to other runners it would be cool to say here's my card.


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