How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life

The Green Girl just finished reading her birthday present to herself, How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life, by Tim Larkin and Chris Ranck-Buhr.

The book focuses on mental rather than physical preparation. It analyzes and dissects the mindset needed to survive a violent encounter and examines how one goes about developing that mentality.

The authors warn early on that there are two kinds of people who will not benefit from this book: '...those who think violence is never justifiable, and those who think violence is the answer to everything.'

The book starts off by pointing out the important differences between antisocial and asocial behavior. The clear distinction is that you can walk away from an antisocial individual but asocial violence is unavoidable.

The book was written with a male audience in mind but I feel the information is useful for both sexes. It forces you to look within and ask yourself when faced with imminent danger and the possibility of death, do you have the mindset and willingness to employ the tools available to you?

Vulnerable points with methods of attack by eXtreme Fellow


  1. Fascinating stuff but also a sad commentary on the world we inhabit.

  2. Happy Birthday Green Girl! A wonderful day and year for you! Interesting book, I've never seen it before.

  3. It was your birthday??? I'm an April birthday too (there's so many of us!!). Happy Birthday Greenie...I got something to send you....somewhere! Have a great day and thanks for the book review!


  4. When is your birthday!? Happy birthday to you! I'm an April baby too! April birthdays are always the coolest people. :D

    This sounds like a very good book. I'm a big fan of "Protecting the Gift" Very eye opening with lots to think about. I'm going to see if your book is at our library.

  5. Thanks, guys!

    Today is my birthday. I'm the big 3-5 today!

  6. Oh, happy day to you Green Girl!!

  7. Happy late birthday!

    That is a class I want to take so badly and hope I never need. There are not a lot of options for that here so I really liked your run down.

  8. That book sounds very interesting. I am someone who likes to be prepared for any unexpected event and I would like to think I would know what to do...Do you feel more prepared?

  9. Happy birthday! Looks like a very interesting book. Would like to read it, but oddly, right now, I'm afraid to. I just can't face reality lately.

  10. sounds like a really interesting read!


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