Sole Runners Second Pre-Season Training Session

Along with the other Sole Runners mentors, the Green Girl helped with the Sole Runners Pre-Season registration again this morning at Marina Vista Park.

Since this is the pre-season and we are welcoming new members, Coach Steve spent a significant amount of time going over the basics.

As he was describing the ideal foot strike, he mentioned a video that was shot at 300fps and uploaded to YouTube of the elite women at the Boston Marathon last week.

Coach Steve suggested we use Sharon Cherop and Caroline Kilel as reference for what our feet should look like when we are ChiRunning. He explained their toes were down, they had a midfoot strike and a high heel kick.

In contrast, Desireé Davila had her toes up, a heel strike, and was almost leaning backwards but she also had a very smooth upper body with little vertical oscillation.

Before we started our run, the mentors in our blue Sole Runners shirts lined up in front to help lead the body looseners.

It warmed up a bit but there was still an occasional breeze that cooled us off on our run through the picturesque neighborhood of Naples. The bridges over the canals created some gentle rolling hills along the running route.


  1. That video was amazing. I just posted about my attempt to not heel strike. I cannot believe how different those forms were. Great video G.G.

  2. The video was awesome, I am a firm believer that a mid-foot strike will cause less injuries down the road!

    Have a great Easter, Greenie!! :)

  3. Love the video just talking with a friend about this yesterday!

  4. Wow, thanks for the video. It was one thing watching them fly by on tele, another to see the difference in foot form in this video. Happy Easter!

  5. I enjoyed watching the foot strike of the elites. Interesting.

  6. Huh, very interesting! Ever since I've switched to a new brand of running shoes, I'm not striking with my heel anymore!

  7. Sounds like you are learning A TON with Sole Runners! WOW!! thank you for sharing some pointers with your readers--so many intricacies with running form!

    Have a great week Green Girl!

  8. definitely trying to think more about my feet to improve my overall form!


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