XTERRA Boney Mountain 21k Trail Run Report

The Green Girl did the XTERRA Boney Mountain 21k Trail Run at Point Mugu State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains on Sunday, January 8th, along with a number of Sole Runners.

Buses at Paraiso Town Center
XTERRA coined this event as the 'Grand Daddy' of their eight race trail series.

Registration, bib pickup, and parking for the event was at the Paraiso Town Center. School buses transported runners to the starting area.

Coach Steve and the Sole Runners
The early morning sky was a beautiful shade of royal blue. The air was crisp and wind gusts sent chills through my body.

After being shuttled to the base of the mountain range, I met up with Coach Steve and the Sole Runners.

XTERRA Boney Mountain 21k Trail Run Starting Line
As we assembled in the starting chute, the race director offered a rather ominous verbal overview of the course and terrain.

Nervous laughter erupted throughout the crowd and then before I knew it, the race had started.

The Green Girl and Mentor Isabelle at the XTERRA Boney Mountain 21k Trail Run
My race strategy was to take it easy and enjoy myself.

One of the Sole Runners mentors, Isabelle, also had a similar plan in mind so we ran together.

The terrain was technical so we ended up walking more than we'd expected but the slower pace was welcomed as we were able to appreciate the breathtaking scenery along the course.

Sole Runners Brian and Stacey with their cowbells
Sole Runners Brian and Stacey rode their mountain bikes out onto the trails to cheer us on with their cowbells.

The trail varied from open fields to narrow paths to single track portions but was clearly and consistently marked.

The race was well supported with aid stations and medics stationed along the course.

View from the XTERRA Boney Mountain 21k Trail Run
The weather conditions were ideal. The cold morning had warmed into a bright, sunny, but not overly warm day.

The skies were clear enough to afford us a view of the city in the distance.

Towards the end of the course, we crossed a shallow, rocky creek.

Shallow, rocky creek
We balanced carefully on the rocks to keep from stepping in the mud.

As we approached the Finish Line, Sole Runners cheered loudly for us. Brian and Stacey were there, cowbells in hand.

The race officials let us know they'd run out of medals but would send us one in the mail. I assured them it was not a big deal.

The Green Girl carefully balancing on the rocks across the creek
The post-race party was held at Coach Dianne's house.

Along with Coach Steve, Coach Dianne leads the Newbury Park Sole Runners training group.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as we indulged in fresh fruit smoothies, pizza, and delicious Mediterranean food.

Coach Dianne's house
Coach Dianne's backyard overlooks the Santa Monica Mountains so we were able to gaze out at the trails we'd just covered as we were eating.

Trail running is good for the Green Girl's soul.


  1. Sounds like a great way to spend a day. Thoroughly jealous of your trail opportunities and associated scenery. Not much like that anywhere nearby for me.

  2. Oh dear, if the 50k trail run I'm doing next month is anything like that one you did, I am doomed!! hahah. Seriously though, that looks tough - yet beautiful! What a great way to end the day too...nothing like some pizza and smoothies glancing over what you just covered.

    Good to chat with ya yesterday, we need to do that more often! :)


  3. Looks like a beautiful and challenging course. Nice job!

  4. that looks like so much fun!!! I'm so clumsy, I would have wiped out for sure : )


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