LA Marathon Race Report

The Green Girl ran in the City of Angels at the LA Marathon along with Angel Runners, Jason and Timothy.

The Angel Runners are a group of runners who are raising money for the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST).

I was also running for Tumaini for the Future to raise money to provide educational opportunities for underserved school children in Moses Waweru's hometown of Nakuru, Kenya.

The LA Marathon 'Stadium to the Sea' course started at Dodger Stadium and ended at the Santa Monica Pier.

After volunteering at last year's race, I was prepared for the possibility of inclement weather. My strategy was to retain as much body heat as possible until the start of the race. I had on a couple of throwaway layers and my North Face Venture Raincoat.

Dodger Stadium
I parked in Santa Monica and boarded a 5:00 am shuttle to Dodger Stadium.

Runners huddled around the perimeter of the structure to keep warm.

When Jason and Timothy arrived, I learned porta-potties are called 'Porta-Johns' in Michigan. Crazy.

After, the Porta-John visit, we migrated towards the crowd assembled around the Starting corrals.

The Green Girl was also running for Tumaini for the Future
Once the race started, we easily merged and crossed the Starting Line.

The three of us had never run together and we had very different ability levels (I am of course the happy back of the pack Green Girl), but we managed to quickly fall into a comfortable, easy pace.

Sole Runners Coach Steve interviewing
Angel Runners Jason and Timothy
Video: LA Marathon 2012
A few miles in, Sole Runners Coach Steve ran by and interviewed Jason and Timothy about their LA Marathon training and fundraising for the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST).

At Mile 9, my friend, Janey, surprised us with three bottles of ice cold Dr. Peppers.

It was a beautiful day and the temperature was absolutely perfect. The course was clearly marked, well supported, and the quintessential Los Angeles experience.

Angel Runners Jason and Timothy
The conversation came easily as the miles flew by and more often than not, a remark evoked laughter.

My favorite sign said 'Your training lasted longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage.' That made me giggle.

The Dr. Peppers started wearing off around Mile 17 and the World Famous Sole Runners Mile 18 Holistic Aide Station could not come soon enough.

The World Famous Sole Runners Mile 18 Holistic Aide Station
Much to my satisfaction and relief, Jason and Timothy agreed that the Mile 18 station was everything I'd hyped it up to be.

After chugging my second glorious Dr. Pepper of the day and stuffing my face with The Green Girl's Famous Salted Potatoes courtesy of my fellow Sole Runners, I headed back out with Jason and Timothy.

Around Mile 21, I admitted I was feeling jittery from consuming two Dr. Peppers in a single day and Timothy commented that my speech had sped up considerably.

The runner who sweated Mickey Mouse
Somewhere around Mile 23, I saw the funniest thing I'd ever seen in my entire running life.

A runner a few yards ahead of us had somehow managed to sweat in the shape of Mickey Mouse head on his back. I started laughing hysterically and struggled to piece together the words to share my discovery with Jason and Timothy. I never knew I was capable of running while doubled over in laughter.

I sprinted up to him to snap a picture and other runners around us started laughing, too.

Angel Runners Timothy, the Green Girl, and Jason at the Finish Line
When we reached the Finish, we each put our hands together to create angel wings with our fingers to show our support to the angels as we crossed the mats.

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. Luciano de Crescenzo


  1. Congrats! It looks like you had an amazing time out there. This race hasn't been on my "top" list of marathons to do, but your recap is making me think otherwise. :)

  2. Well done on finishing another marathon! All for such a great cause. It seems you had a good time out there.

  3. Why am I so lame and can't see the Mickey outline? You have to get into Paint and draw that for my old eyes. Nevertheless, I bet it was so fun running with your friends and having a great time along the way. I've only run one marathon (Boston 2010) where I ran with a friend and it really did make the miles click by quickly. One day you and I must do one together! :)

    Congratulations on another marathon. You ROCK!

  4. Sounds and looks like a great day/race. Dodger stadium to the pier, very cool start and finish. Glad the weather this year was nowhere in the ballpark with last year's mess. Way to knock out another marathon, and way to continue to support a great cause.

  5. Too funny about the sweat marks! Congrats on another well done race!

  6. Sounds like a great race and good course and how wonderful that you enjoyed all of it. You make me want to run another one and maybe Dr. Pepper along the way would help.

  7. Great job! Looks like tons of fun! And on your last post, I used to spend a week or two in Redondo Beach each summer because my aunt and uncle live there. :)

  8. Congratulations on your marathon!! Looks like it was so fun. Dr. Pepper! What a great idea!!

  9. Sounds like a really fun time! All except for running that far :-).

  10. Sounds like a very fun marathon! I've never run a race with a group of people before...you make it sound fun!


  11. Sounds like you had an awesome time! Congrats on your marathon finish!!!!

  12. Great Job!

    I LOVE THE MICKEY MOUSE Sweat pattern. Very Cool!


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