El Dorado Nature Center Walk

Every Sunday morning, the Green Girl walks with the Long Beach SparkTeam. I really enjoy our weekly walks.

We usually walk around the El Dorado Nature Center but due to recent restoration efforts, we've been using the park across the street as a temporary detour.

We were pleased yesterday when we discovered we could return to the Nature Center for our walk.

The 100 acre El Dorado Nature Center is part of the El Dorado East Regional Park. The park sits on what was previously farmland. It features only California native plants from 5 regional plant communities - oak woodland, riparian, chaparral, coastal sage scrub and grassland.

The Nature Center also features a small Visitor Center with educational displays and a small gift shop that offers environmentally themed books and gifts.

We meet in the parking lot of the El Dorado Neighborhood Library and then walk over to the Nature center. The dirt trail is 2 miles long so if we loop around twice, our total distance, including the walk to and from the parking lot, is approximately 5 miles. The park also offers a quarter mile paved trail.

As part of the stream restoration, they added some foot bridges and made some changes to the trail. It was a pleasant surprise to find the path winding in a different direction yesterday. One duck wandered up on the path while the rest of the ducks remained wading in the stream. We also spotted a rabbit hiding in the bushes.

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