The Green Girl's Exercises For Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

After the Green Girl was diagnosed with posterior tibial tendonitis, she made an appointment at Medcessity for some physical therapy.

I had worked with another therapist at Medcessity a couple of years ago when I injured my right wrist and ended up with a bad case of tendonitis. After working with him for a couple of months, I was thrilled with the results - I was able to punch bags right after my last session. I was instructed by the orthopedic surgeron to always duct tape the wrist to prevent re-injury so I religiously tape my wrist over my wraps when I kickbox.

Here are the exercises the physical therapist recommended for my posterior tibial tendonitis:
  1. Ankle/Foot Gastroc Stretch

  2. Gluteal Planks

    This one doubles as a core builder so you can work on your six-pack while you strengthen your posterior tibial tendon.

  3. Pronation/Supination Exercise

    This was the hardest one for me. He had me twist my upper body back and forth and then he told me to mimic that movement that the arches of my feet makes when I twist but without the twist.

  4. Dynamic Balance Exercise

He also recommended going on a treadmill backwards for 2-3 minutes at a time and also 'grapevining'. The grapevining was difficult for me because I'm really uncoordinated and I kept kicking my other foot. Since I also suffer from plantar fasciitis, he recommended I do self plantar fascia massage. I do that on a regular basis using the Foot Wheel that Rad Runner Girl gave me for Christmas.

My plantar fasciitis manifests itself as an intense, burning pain in my arches. The problem with this is that it's hard for me to differentiate the plantar fascia pain from the posterior tibial tendon pain.


  1. Yet another totally useful post! Thanks!!!

  2. How is your treatment going? Is it interfering with your running? (I am also going through this right now). Thanks!

  3. How is your treatment going? Are you running through it? I'm going through the same thing and it is totally cramping my style.


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