The Green Girl Runs For Her National Holiday

The Green Girl went for a short run this evening in honor of her National Holiday.

Of course, I had to sport my green Bondi Band.

St. Patrick's Day makes me one happy Green Girl. There's nothing like seeing everyone dressed in the far superior color. I don't understand why we don't all wear green every day of the year.

I love running in the city. As you pass the businesses and residences, you catch a glimpse of people's lives. Tonight, I experienced so many different smells - both good and bad. I got a whiff of cherry scented car freshener as I ran by the car wash. The smell of grilled carne asada reminded me how hungry I was. The exhaust from a truck made me choke a little bit.

I ran by the same motorcycle cop pulling over cars two times.

I love to peek into the windows as I go by. I ran by a nutritional center that had lots of information for families in Spanish.

At Joe Jost's, I saw all the green-clad bar goers getting their drink on.


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