The Green Girl's Beach Run and Shoe Epiphany

The Green Girl went on a run on the Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath last night with one of the Sole Runners, Michelle.

I love the Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath because I am able to enjoy a view of the ocean without ever taking a step onto the sand. The bike path features two dedicated bike paths and a lane for runners and walkers. Rollerbladers frequent this path as well.

As the months get warmer, I postpone my runs later in the evening to avoid the heat. The side benefit is that I usually get to see the sun setting.

We parked by the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool since the metered parking doesn't seem to be enforced in the evenings. We decided to head west on the bike path towards Downtown Long Beach.

The sky was unusually overcast but I was still able to see the Queen Mary and the former Spruce Goose dome in the distance.

Before I go any further, I have a confession to make. Instead of wearing the motion control shoes this week, I've been running in my old overcorrecting stability shoes.

While the motion control shoes were faithfully keeping my little feet nice and straight, my inability to feel anything through the thick sole was starting to bother me so I decided to revert back to my former shoes 'just to see'. Yes, I'm oversupinating when I wear these shoes but they feel really good. I am much lighter on my feet and I can feel the ground under my feet again. Believe it or not, I even run faster in my old shoes!

I called New Balance technical support and explained my situation. I was told I should try a stability shoe - as opposed to the high stability shoe I ran in last night. The representative said high stability shoes are specifically designed to correct overpronation so it makes sense that it would overcorrect when combined with the orthotics. He felt a stability shoe would give me the support I need without the overcorrection.

The Green Girl is going to visit her local New Balance store again to see what options are out there for her faithful little feet.


  1. I love that path! Its so difference between week day and weekend is so different! Its a beautiful scene and allows you to enter the zone, with no worries about crazy drivers :)

  2. Yeah, my favorite time to run on the bike path is late at night after the sun has set. It's really relaxing.


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