The Green Girl's Floppy Foot and Camera Woes

Now that the Green Girl has finally worked out the shoe situation and is ready to start ramping up the mileage, she decided to visit her doctor to get her foot checked out this weekend.

He started me off with some transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy and ultrasound on my right foot.

He compared my leg lengths. He lifted my ankles and shook my feet.

He commented that my right foot is much looser than the other and diagnosed me with a 'floppy foot'. He explained floppy feet are very loose-jointed, overly mobile, and have a tendancy to overpronate.

He examined my 1012's and agreed that a stable, supportive shoe is what I need.

He recommended I start doing isometric exercises on a daily basis. These static strength training exercises are performed by contracting a muscle against resistance, without joint movement.

I'm just relieved the isometric exercises can be done in conjunction with the posterior tibial tendonitis exercises.

In other Green Girl news, my beloved Canon SD700IS has seen better days. It struggles to focus and I keep ending up with blurred images. The pictures are also either too dark or so bright that the colors are washed out.

I was trying to hold out for the Canon PowerShot SD4000IS coming out at the end of this month but the initial reviews are not impressive.

Now, I'm seriously considering getting a Canon PowerShot S90.

As long as the camera takes incredible pictures and fits in my hydration belt pocket, I should be a happy Green Girl.


  1. Interesting about the floppy foot. At least nothing serious. Pity about the camera but a new one will be fun.

  2. Yeah, my right foot/ankle seems to be my trouble spot.

    I'm really attached to my current camera but it was faithful to me for a good 5 years or so.

  3. I am glad the doc. agrees with the shoes you like :) Great pic, explaining both floppy foot and sick camera buddy, I actually giggled out loud, you need to get that camera! WE can have a burial for the old one if you want...

  4. Nice to see the new shoes are working. It's so tough to find a pair that really work - that's why I haven't changed models in two years!

    I use an Olympus Toughseries ultracompact camera. It fits in my fuel belt, is shockproof (so I ca't break it by dropping it) and waterproof (so I can't destroy it by sweat).

  5. Rad Runner and Glenn, I am so glad I have finally found my shoes. ::deep sigh of relief:: I need to start increasing my mileage and I finally feel comfortable enough to do so.

    Glenn, I looked at all the 'tough' cameras and I had a hard time deciding between sturdiness and picture quality. I finally settled on the Canon S90.

    It should fit in my hydration belt. I will put it in plastic to protect it from my sweat and guard it with my life.


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