Cupcake Marathon Progressive Virtual Race Report

Cupcake Marathon
It's Like A Marathon
But With A Cherry On Top

The Green Girl ran in her first Cupcake Marathon progressive virtual race.

The Cupcake Marathon went from Monday, March 14th through Sunday, March 26th. The requisite 26.2 miles could be run over the course of the two weeks.

Sunset at Mile 1.5 of the Run for Christchurch Virtual 5k
I started off the Cupcake Marathon with the Run for Christchurch Virtual 5k.

As I ran, I reflected on the victims and survivors of the both the Canterbury earthquake last year and the recent Christchurch earthquake.

Along with Sole Runners, Barb and Miyuki, I dedicated the St. Patrick's Day Half Marathon to the Run For Japan challenge.

Sole Runners dedicating their St. Patrick's Day Half Trail Marathon to Run For Japan.
I paid homage to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami as I ran.

I thought about how the Japanese culture teaches perseverance with patience and dignity - a philosophy known as gaman がめん.

I enjoyed visiting the Run For Japan site and seeing the pictures of all the runners who participated across the globe.

The Green Girl with Jay from Tri2Thrive at the LA Marathon
I even managed to squeeze in some mileage from a real marathon when I ran with Jay from Tri2Thrive at the wet and windy LA Marathon from the Sole Runners aide station at Mile 18 to the finish line of his first marathon.

I was honored to be able to run with Jay - first marathons are such a special and memorable event.

Even I was surprised when the last couple miles of my Cupcake Marathon were on a treadmill at the new gym at my work.

The Green Girl at the Cupcake Marathon Finish Line
Since Mr. Green Garmin drowned in the LA Marathon rain, I don't know what my official Cupcake Marathon finish time was.

Thank you so much to Jason from Cook Train Eat Race and Christel from Silly Girl Running for dreaming up and putting together the Cupcake Marathon!


  1. The treadmill picture made me laugh...I was thinking, "Where are your arms??" :)

    You have such a heart of gold, always such an inspiration. I bet your friend was so grateful for your presence in LA!!

    Nice job on the cupcake challenge - hope you got to enjoy one to celebrate!

  2. Your blog is amazing! I love, love, love it.

  3. Green Girl on a treadmill...I never thought I would see that!:) Lovely post and as Jill says, always so inspirational. Well done Green Girl!

  4. You are so inspiring and truly make a difference!! GREAT JOB on your Cupcake Mary!!

  5. hey, where's your bib.. BANDIT! =)

  6. Good runs for good causes. Great job. AND..you ran part of a marathon. How fun! :)
    Cupcake challenges sound fun. Although the first thing that enters my mind is not the miles run but how many cupcakes I can eat.

  7. how do you find out about these cool virtual races???

  8. Ha! The treadmill part is hilarious. Good job! And I am so impressed and so inspired with your compassion. You are amazing! Keep it up!


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