The Green Girl's Famous Salted Potatoes Recipe

The Green Girl's Famous Salted Potatoes
The Green Girl just finished making ten pounds of her Famous Salted Potatoes for the LA Marathon tomorrow.

I became famous for my salted potatoes after I made them the Sole Runners Mile 18 aide station last year.

The irony of the Green Girl being well known for cooking anything may be lost on those who don't know me but suffice to say, I cannot cook. I actually had to Google 'how to cook potatoes'.

Ingredients for the Green Girl's Famous Salted Potatoes
After last year's tremendous success, I decided to double the recipe this year. I bought two 5 pound bags of potatoes and iodized salt. (I figured a little extra iodine could do us all a little good.)

Since it worked out well the first time, I boiled the potatoes two nights in advance so they would be cooled and ready to be peeled the night before the race.

It's Gotta Be Wada! Potatoes
I was pleased to see the grower of the potatoes, Wada Farms, is a family-owned and operated business in Southeastern Idaho that is dedicated to providing fresh products sustainably.

Much to my surprise, a number of people have actually asked me for the recipe for my Famous Salted Potatoes so here it is:


  1. Can I have one?
    You had to google how to cook potatoes? I am sorry I am laughing but since I could use a laugh this morning I hope you don't mind too much. :)
    BTW, I think potatoes are a much healthier energy food than gels.

  2. Now that's a recipe even I could handle. Maybe.

  3. I can't cook either but these sound like a recipe even I can handle! :D

  4. We've even heard of those here in Missouri ... kidding, but they look awesome!

  5. I want some! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  6. i thought long and hard about running LA this year. if you make these potato's next year - I AM there.

  7. mmmmmmmm.! We're I live, they have "salt potatoes" It's a bag of small potatoes that come with a packet of salt, you boil them all together, then eat them with butter. Happiness all around!

  8. You are awesome! I love that you salt the potatoes. Usually I see potatoes and a bowl of salt. I dip the potato and end up getting too much salt in one bite, and then no salt in the rest. You definately rock for making this for the runners!


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