Run for Christchurch Virtual 5k Race Report

The Green Girl's Run for Christchurch Virtual 5k bib
The Green Girl's Run for Christchurch Virtual 5k was a day late due to circumstances beyond the Green Girl's control.

I decided I'd would honor Christchurch by watching the sun set on my run. I've always felt like the singularity of the Sun and Moon in relation to the Earth epitomizes the fact that we all inhabitants of the same planet.

Hill at Mile 1
Hilltop Park in Signal Hill is a good place to view the sunset because the location offers a panoramic view of the Los Angeles basin. I visited Hilltop Park for an Earth Day Run sunset last year.

The route started out with a gradual incline and then there was a big hill at Mile 1.

This was definitely a challenging 5k. I ran out of steam about halfway up the hill and ended up walking the last quarter of the hill.

Hilltop Park
When I reached Hilltop Park, I sat down on the edge of the west side of the park and peered out into the sunset.

I thought about my friend, Darren Humphries, and all that he and his family have gone through in such a short period of time. I know that their angel, Elijah, is watching over them.

Sunset at Mile 1.5
I reflected on the victims and survivors of the both the Canterbury earthquake last year and the recent Christchurch earthquake.

The clouds resembled strokes of a paintbrush against the blazing sky. I pondered Mother Nature's power for both creation and destruction.

When just a glimmer of the sun's sphere could be seen on the horizon, I continued my run.

View of Downtown Long Beach at Mile 2
It may seem hard to extend our gratefulness and appreciation to the time in which we live and the challenges it presents-to financial crisis, global climate change, terrorism, wars, energy depletion, and any other disasters looming on the horizon. It would be much easier to appreciate an era of good feeling, peace and calm stability! But difficult times are also times of growth, of new insights and opportunities, of creativity, and of emergence. David Spangler


  1. Beautiful run for a wonderful cause!

  2. I love this Green Girl--a great way to honor them.

  3. Great write-up, really moving.

  4. Yowza! That is one monstrous hill! It is a gorgeous run.

  5. What a gorgeous run and for such a beautiful cause. Nice, Greenie!!

  6. What a beautiful tribute and beautiful run from a beautiful person. There are tears in my eyes.

  7. Green Girl = awesome person :-)

  8. Excellent run and amazing cause. You inspire.


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