26 Weeks To 26.2 Miles

The Green Girl's Athens Marathon training starts this weekend. There will be exactly 26 weeks until the marathon.

I would misrepresent myself if I didn't admit I am feeling some apprehension. I am fearful the posterior tibial tendonitis will worsen. I am going to continue to tape my foot religiously. And I must be diligent about doing the exercises from the physical therapist on a daily basis.

Secondarily, I am concerned about my high acidity. I've made a habit of drinking green tea with raw honey on a daily basis. I make a conscious effort to avoid refined sugars and increase my consumption of nutritionally dense foods. I've even been staying away from spicy foods.

For me, high acidity manifests itself in my body in the form of severe chronic sinus infections.

This evening, on my way home from work, I stopped by my local health food store to get some pH level test strips. I got a package of TriMedica AlkaMAX pH Papers for $14.99. The roll contains 16' and is supposed to be good for 192 1" indicators.

Based on my research, twice a week is a sufficient number of times to test your pH levels. My plan is to track my results on Saturdays after my long runs and Wednesdays.

Urine is supposed to give a more accurate reading then saliva but for my initial test, I decided to do both.

I started off with testing my urine. The pH strip turned a really pretty green - indicating a reading between 6.0 and 6.5. Unfortunately for the Green Girl, green ≠ good in the pH measurement world. The strip with my saliva turned 5.0 yellow.

In addition to putting in the hours to train for this marathon, I am going to need to be highly vigilant about taking care of my Green Girl body so I can be as healthy and strong as possible.


  1. I wish I could run Athens, but I have already hit my limit for planned vacation this year.

    Train, and run, well!

  2. Wow you're really in tune with your body to know that acidity affects your sinuses. I had posterior tibial tendonitis too. I got it training for my first marathon. I found out I was wearing the wrong shoes. I have orthodics now and feel much better. Hope you're physical therapy is helping you!

  3. Good luck! I'll be following your progress and living vicariously through you since I can't go to Athens to run with you. I'm so jealous!

  4. You are going to own that race, just like I will own OBX, regardless of what our knees or feet may think. You'll have 26 weeks of positive thoughts from me ... for what that's worth.

  5. Laura, I worked with my doctor to figure out what was causing the sinus infections. I was lucky to find a doctor who believes in homeopathic remedies instead of just prescribing antibiotics.

    Kitzzy, I'm bummed you won't be able to make it but I know you'll be with me in spirit. ::smiles::

    Evolving Through Running, thank you so much for your encouraging words and support. ::hugs:: I'll take all the positive energy I can get!

  6. Best of luck Mary! My only words of wisdom are to *not* become enslaved to your training plan. Just rememeber - be consistent and dilligent in your training. Don't start feeling guilty because you have to miss a workout here or there. Listen to your bodya nd listen to your mind. 26 weeks is along time to train. Don't end up putting so much pressure on yourself that you burn out ahead of your victory lap.

  7. Look they are GREEN! :) I have some of those strips they are pretty awesome! I know you will be fine, you are so on top of the game with listening to your little green girl body!

  8. I know. Too bad green ≠ good. ::sigh::

  9. Good luck with your training and the race to come!


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