It's Not You, It's Me

Dear Yoga,

I want you to know I really tried to make this relationship work. I wanted so badly to like you - maybe even to love you. I wanted to be one of those Namaste-Ohm-Zen people.

I admit I didn't come into this with a lot of flexibility. The problem was that as time went on, each new pose just highlighted another Green Girl physical shortcoming.

I cannot do even your most basic poses. I cannot touch my toes. I'm not sure if there's any pose that requires straight legs that I am capable of doing. I couldn't do Balasana (Child's Pose) if my life depended on it. I discovered my arms are not proportionate to my body. I cannot sit and reach the ground with the palms of my hands. When I am lying on my back, I cannot reach my thighs. Even Savasana (Corpse's Pose) is uncomfortable because my arms are too short to rest comfortably at my sides.

Instead of discovering the bliss of my being, I just find myself getting more and more frustrated with each class. I've come to realize kickboxing and running are much more relaxing for me.

I thought maybe it was the instructors - that they just weren't right for us. Some instructors were better than others but no flame was ever kindled.

Please don't get me wrong - it wasn't all bad. I discovered I am really good at Utkatasana (Chair Pose).

I sincerely hope we can still be friends because I truly enjoy your company after a long run with the Sole Runners. I am not just going to attend your classes anymore. I hope you understand.

I am sorry but I am going to have to leave you behind in my quest to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

The Green Girl


  1. Sorry you didn't find the zen in yoga. For the record, I can't touch my toes either :) But if post-run yoga is working, go with that. No sense in doing something that isn't enjoyable just for the sake of it.

  2. Nice letter...I am sure Yoga will understand. :-)

    I actually feel very much the same. I am not as flexible as most and I know I am limited in that flexible stuff! Nice to know I am not alone in that!

    Have a wonderful birthday and I hope you find your own personal zen SOMEWHERE (wherever that may be).

  3. Kitzzy, I feel like I gave yoga an honest try and instead of feeling better after each session, I'm always extremely frustrated. Thank you for admitting you can't touch your toes either, that does give me some comfort. ::smiles::

    LA Badger, even though I tried really hard not to compare myself, I was tired of constantly feeling like I was the only one in every class who couldn't do quite a few of the poses.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. ::hugs::

    For now, I believe the only time I am able to truly relax and let go of everything is when I snowboard. Kickboxing and running is relaxing but nothing compares to snowboarding. I feel so free when I slide down the mountain.

  4. I can understand how yoga can frustrate you. After doing it all this time, I can't touch my toes on a forward bend and my heels don't touch the ground when I do downdog, but I still enjoy it and like it for stretching. If snowboarding relaxes you, go with it! :)

    I've never tried snowboarding, but I hear is really hard. I don't enjoying skiing that much because I am constantly trying not too fall -- I usually succeed in staying upright but my knees suffer because I am basically skiing with the breaks on the whole time lol I hear snowboarding is harder at first and you fall A LOT. So I am not sure how keen I am to ever try it but I should lol

    BTW, since I didn't get into NYC Marathon, my schedule is more flexible for the fall although I think I will do a marathon on Thanksgiving weekend. I still would love to come up and run a race with you sometime. I'm going to be in San Fran for Bay to Breakers if you can make it to that or anytime that week.

  5. Kitzzy, I was also starting to wonder if I was doing the poses I could do correctly because I always felt like I didn't get anything out of the class (except frustration) and I would never feel sore.

    I'm extremely uncoordinated so skiing was really hard for me but something about having my feet strapped to a board works for me. If/when you do try it, I highly recommend wearing wrist guards - you could wear skate guards if you had them. I could also give you some advice from the point of view of someone who struggles with coordination.

    I'm sorry you didn't make the lotto. ::hugs:: I'll get with you on the schedule - some stuff came up and the month of May is really busy for me right now - even busier than it was before!

  6. I always find it odd that people mention being sore after yoga. Maybe I'm not doing it right because it usually helps me be less sore lol

    No worries about not making the lotto; I was actually freaking out a little because I was reading how hard the course is and not sure I am ready to run in the cold, with wind, and hills in November :) A flat course on warmer weather within driving distance sounds much better for my 2nd marathon :) I'll have a better chance at 5:15 if I don't have the additional challenges of crazy hills and cold/windy weather.

  7. Yeah, I never feel anything (physical) after yoga. I never feel tired and I am never sore the next day. I just kept assuming I was doing something wrong after hearing so many people mention what a 'good workout' they got.

    Aw, I'm glad things worked out in the end. ::hugs::

  8. There are also different types of yoga and power yoga is certainly more intense and much more of a workout.

    I am crossing my fingers that work sends me to the Adobe Max Conference, which is in LA this year in October 23 - 27. If so, we gotta go for a run then! :)

  9. Maybe you will find it running over the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE?! :)

  10. Kitzzy, I've never tried power yoga. One of the girls I run with teaches yoga classes and I think someone mentioned she does teach power yoga. If so, I'll give one of her classes a try. I really like when she leads our post-run yoga because she is really gentle and helpful.

    ::all fingers and toes crossed for the Adobe Max Conference::

    Just thinking about running over the Golden Gate Bridge can send a girl into a state of bliss!

  11. Power Yoga is not gentle though ;) But it's a good workout. You may like it more since it's not so much about flexibility but more focused on moving from pose to pose in a flow and you work up a sweat.

  12. For what it's worth, yoga did more for my kids athletic careers that anything other than standard practice at their sport. Even though I don't do yoga (more out of tie contraints than any other reason), I saw the difference in strength that it made in all 3 of my kids.

  13. Oh - and I used to be a big Spark People user, but with LoseIt! on my iPhone I have no excuse for not logging my food...

  14. First of all, that is seriously the cutest little green girl icon.

    Secondly, you have to do what is best for you. It sounds like you honestly gave yoga a shot, and it's not for everyone.

  15. I feel you. After trying many styles, I have found some favorite stretches and videos that I do on my own. It takes time.

  16. I don't know too many people who could hit those poses. I'm trying to work on my spiritual side also. I think I might try meditation. I hear good things happen when you just take a time out and listen to what is going on around you.


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