The Green Girl's Earth Day Run

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day today, the Green Girl scheduled her run so she could watch the sunset at 19:28 Pacific Time from Hilltop Park at Signal Hill.

Hilltop Park is a good place to view the sunset because the location offers a panoramic view of the Los Angeles basin.

If you face south, you can see downtown Long Beach with Catalina Island in the background. Looking west, you will see the South Bay area and the Palos Verdes Peninsula. And if you look north towards downtown Los Angeles, you will see the outline of the San Gabriel mountains in the distance.

The walkway leading to the park is etched with a poem. These words are a glimpse into the history of this hill.

Here on this hill
what perspective to see
our world
with clarity
Each point of view
We come
to this place
when life gets too fast
to reflect on time
make a sunset last
what has come to pass
Signal fire
Water tower
Oil gusher of black gold
Layers of the past
shadowed images
The surface hints
of what you can't
touch to know
Earth upon water
a secret
well hidden
I sat down and watched as the clouds morphed around the setting sun and cast shadows across the sky. My heart danced as the warm colors settled down into the horizon.

I honored Earth on my run tonight by respecting her beauty.


  1. The only problem with Hilltop Park is getting up there! Oh me? I use a car....

  2. What a great way to celebrate Earth Day! I didn't even go for a run because my thigh was hurting and I want to rest up for tomorrow's 5K. But I'll celebrate earth then by Running for the Trees and hopefully setting a new PR :)

  3. Glenn, I remember how proud I was the first time I ran the entire way up the hill. I walked yesterday - even walking is difficult! Going down is definitely harder, though. It took me awhile to gingerly go down it - I didn't want to put too much pressure on my bad foot.

    Kitzzy, I'm sorry to hear you didn't make it out for a run yesterday but it sounds like you really needed the rest. ::hugs:: I think Running for the Trees is an excellent way to celebrate!

  4. Great pics yet again! I knew once we hung up that phone you would dash out the door and make it to the top of that MONSTER hill just in time :)

  5. I did dash out the door but man, that hill kicked my butt! I was a little worried I'd miss the sun all together but I made it - huffing and puffing!


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