Sunday Morning Long Beach SparkTeam Walk

The Green Girl has a routine on Sundays.

To begin, I always wear on my trademark orange SparkPeople shirt so I can be easily recognized by potential new Long Beach SparkTeam members.

One of the highlights of my Sunday mornings is catching NPR's Weekend Edition Puzzle Challenge on my way to the weekly Long Beach SparkTeam walk at the El Dorado Nature Center. I am looking forward to the day when I am picked to do the puzzle on the air with Liane Hansen and Will Shortz.

It was a magnificent morning for a walk. The ground was covered with dry brown leaves but the tree branches were bursting with rich green hues.

After the walk, I like to visit the Long Beach Southeast Farmers Market to purchase my fresh produce for the week.

I love the variety of local fresh fruits and vegetables the farmer's market affords the community. The Long Beach Southeast Farmers Market also offers fresh fish and meats like Lindner grass-fed bison.

Today, I purchased some cilantro and Swiss chard. I got a trio of sweet blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, along with a big bag of juicy oranges. I also stopped and picked up some raw honey sticks after Isabelle mentioned them yesterday. I'm curious to see if they could be an option for Athens.

It seems like every time I visit this Farmer's Market, I run into some friends and today was no exception. I saw a couple of girls from my running group and another one of my friends.

After the Farmer's Market, I usually swing by the Long Beach State Associated Students Recycling Center to drop off the recyclables.


  1. What a productive Sunday MORNING! I like the lil green girl you made in the orange shirt :)
    LBFM- in my opinion one of the best, did you see Captain Cactus?!

  2. Wow. You really *are* living the green life! Way to go!

  3. I definitely must go to the LBFM! I've been wanting to go there, but never have the time.


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