Farthest Star Cookies Cookie Shots Winner

Farthest Star Cookies - Cookie Shots Sampler
How far the star
      exceeds our grasp
How far the star
      extends our reach

The Green Girl is thrilled to announce the lucky winner of the Farthest Star Cookies Cookie Shots Giveaway!

Farthest Star Cookies is the Home of the Original Cookie Shots. Farthest Star Cookies provides a unique selection of cookies made with liqueurs and well known cocktails.

Farthest Star Cookies is also a proud sponsor of the upcoming Los Angeles Angelman Syndrome Foundation National Walk.

There were a total of 31 Farthest Star Cookies entries submitted via blog reply or email. The winning number, 14, was randomly selected based on results from random.org.

The winner is Stephanie Anne from Running To Health! You will be receiving the Cookie Shots Sampler.

Congratulations, Stephanie Anne! Please send your mailing address to giveaway@therunninggreengirl.com.


  1. Yummy thanks!! I'm having a tough time catching up on blogs posts after vacation. so glad I won!

  2. Wow, G.G. those were some very explicit instructions by you regarding me shlepping around the entire city of Dubai so that I can take pics for you :-)


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