The Green Girl's Griffith Park Coyote Run

The Green Girl went trail running at Griffith Park this morning.

Griffith Park resides in the eastern Santa Monica Mountain range. The park covers more than 4,107 acres and features over 50 miles of trails.

At the base of the trail, there was a coyote. I gingerly walked by and started my ascent up Fern Canyon Nature Trail.

I passed a natural amphitheatre built by Boy Scouts. The secluded path was narrow and the ground was uneven. The trail appeared to branch off frequently.

Since this was my first time running at Griffith Park and I was alone, I didn't feel comfortable continuing on this path so I retraced my steps. I had concerns I would end up getting lost.

I was thrilled to discover a much more well worn Fern Canyon Trail branched off of Fern Canyon Nature Trail.

Fern Canyon took me to Old Zoo Trail behind the former zoo. From there, I turned onto the Bill Eckert Trail.

In 1.75 miles, the Bill Eckert Trail increases in elevation by 900 feet. The view at 935 feet was well worth the climb.

A peacefulness came over me as I gazed out over the city. I stared at the majestic snow capped mountains in the distance and my eyes danced on the fluffy white clouds in the sky.

Standing there, I had an epiphany. I've always struggled with the whole meditation thing. I would try over and over again in vain to force myself to meditate. The more I was told to relax, the more my brain would go into overdrive.

Running is my meditation. Running is where I can find clarity of thought.


  1. Look at those views and perfect weather.
    Nothing better than to be on trails.

  2. Nothing better than running meditation, especially in such beautiful surroundings.

  3. Another beautiful and peaceful run. I think this is the best form of meditation. How cool to see a coyote! Have a great week!

  4. Wow! That's a pretty amazing photo of L.A.!

  5. Amazing views!! Are coyotes skittish around people? I've never seen a coyote outside of the zoo, but there used to be issues with coyotes going after sheep or smaller dogs in the (more rural part of) the town where I'm from.


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