Sole Runners Drizzling Saturday Morning Run

The Green Girl joined the Sole Runners for a Saturday morning run at Marina Vista Park.

After a deluge of overnight rain, the precipitation had dwindled down.

The Marina water level had increased and the surface was almost even with the top of the rocky shore.

Coach Steve and I briefly chatted about the RRCA Certification before the group headed out for our run.

As the run progressed, the clouds vaporized and the sun warmed the morning air.

It was a surprisingly resplendent morning for a run.


  1. Resplendant runs are the best! we're expecting a frozen deluge here.

  2. "Surprisingly resplendent." I love the ring of that.

  3. I know. Yesterday my run started in the rain and cleared up for an awesome run.

  4. Looks pretty there! We have no sun here in the Phoenix area today. Just gray, rain, and I heard some hail too.

  5. Beautiful! What inspiring scenery for a run.


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