The Green Girl and Lexa's First 40 Mile Ride

Santa Ana River Trail
Sunday morning, the Green Girl and Lexa went on a long ride with a one of the Sole Runners, Kathleen.

In contrast to last week's weather, the marine layer had burned off significantly and though relatively cool, the morning was dry and partially sunny.

We started off south of the Huntington Beach Pier and headed east on the Santa Ana River Trail.

Dry Santa Ana River Trail
To control flooding, the Santa Ana Riverbed has been channelized with cement embankments and is subject to varying water levels.

The Santa Ana river plays a vital role in recharging the groundwater basin. Several retention basins are formed by levees along the river help to replenish the water table.

The Green Girl and Lexa at the Honda Center.
The route took us past residential areas, a golf course, and we even went by Anaheim Angel Stadium and the Honda Center.

After seeing the potential bike muggers last week, we approached each underpass with caution and I told Lexa to cover her eyes so she wouldn't get scared.

If our initial experience wasn't terrifying enough, we quickly realized the bike muggers were also scattered along the trail and using the bushes for camouflage.

Santa Ana River Trail
At one point, there was a single female rider ahead of us and we saw one of the bike muggers come out of the bushes in her direction but when he saw us, he froze and just stared at her as she rode away.

We reached our midway point somewhere in Yorba Linda and we paused to stretch and refuel.

Lexa's first time in a bike rack
I got excited because it was Lexa's first time in a bike rack.

I must admit that I am feeling a lot more confident about Tour DaVita.

My biggest concern was the saddle discomfort but I must admit that the Pearl Izumi Sugar Shorts are amazing.

After some initial chafing, I purchased some Chamois Butt'r from RunJunk.com and that did the trick.

At this point, my main issue is tightness in my lower back. I stopped several times and attempted to stretch but it didn't seem to offer any relief. My core is strong so I am assuming my body just needs to get accustomed to the positioning.


  1. nice ride! maybe we can outfit the handlebars with pepper spray to ward off the bike muggers!

  2. You might want to do a bike fitting. It will make a huge difference if you are out or whack position wise.

  3. bike muggers! yikes! Maybe you should take a body guard with you.

    Great job on 40 miles!!

  4. Great job on the ride!

    After I saw your facebook post, I checked out the Tour Devita & you will be riding right by me!! We will have to make a plan to meet up, I can be an unofficial water stop/cheering section/ride company if you want!

  5. Bike muggers?! Carry that pepper spray!!!

  6. Congrats on the long ride! I'm so glad it was a safe one. =)

  7. I had so many issues with my seat causing the girl bits, my back, and my hip flexors on my bike...I do think you just need to train you way out of those things especially since you've had a very thorough fitting.

    Nice job on the bike ride, so wish I were there to ride with you on the beach....so pretty!!

  8. I know it takes my butt a few days to get used to bike riding and then it is fine.
    I did injure my back though, it seems my saddle wasn't adjusted properly. Who knew? Oh, my back did.
    Good job on the ride! Do you carry pepper spray?

  9. I am so impressed!!! You are doing an awesome job.

    Ok, and bike muggers are SCARY! We don't have those kinds of things in Wyoming. :)

  10. Bike pirates? Who knew? How scary is that! I feel a little safer on my bike than I do when running because I think I have a chance of escaping. Perhaps I am fooling myself.

  11. OMG...bike muggers? That just makes me angry...If everyone knows they are there, why don't the police monitor the area. I want to kick one of them now.

    Still....congrats on the 40 miles. That's a long way. It looks like you are using standard pedals. Have you considered clipless? You're doing a lot of pushing only with regular pedals. Clipless allow you to push and pull up on the pedals. That might help your back.

    Clipless pedals are scary at first (yes, I fell a few times), but they are really worth getting used to!

  12. Great ride!
    What a bummer to have to deal with "bike muggers". That would certainly crimp my ride and give me one more thing to worry about.
    Stay safe!

  13. Pearl Izumi sugar shorts. I don't even have a bike yet & need those just for their name. ;)

    Awesome. Awesome. Job.

  14. What about bringing a baseball bat clipped to the bar of your bike? I hope you are able to stay safe AND fit :)

  15. Holy cow, bike muggers?!?

    How long did it take you to do the 40 miles? I'm trying to figure out how long it's going to take me to do 18 miles for my tri.

    hope your back is better!

  16. Nice ride! Good thing you were with your friend!

  17. I had to use chapstick in place of body glide on my bike on race day when I realized my leg was chafing with every pedal stroke. Who knew chapstick was so versatile?? :D


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